• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

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43 thoughts on “Bakhmut Crisis, Russian Vuhledar Disaster – Russian Invasion of Ukraine”
  1. 120 billion in US taxpayer dollars wasted. Apparently 70 percent gets siphoned off by Ukrainian corruption. General Miley said that Russia lost the war so nothing to see here. But I bet another Trillion in US taxpayer dollars will be sent

  2. Can you put out a special video and analyze why russia is doing so bad? I mean they have the second strongest military, a rich history of military conflicts and a good military industrial complex with prestigous military academys. Why are they doing so bad?

  3. That has to be the dumbest statement of all time!!!
    ""Half of Americans making over 100k a year are living paycheck to paycheck." What utter fear mongering bullshit!!!

  4. Sadly I believe that have finally decided to leave Bakmut. Yesterday Russia launched an attack on there last line of retreat and Ukraine just barely held them back. So I think they have started to pull back to save them from being encircled. But they made the Russians pay dearly to take it so that’s a win in my book

  5. Wow, Kings and Generals supporting the scam that is Masterworks. There are several videos debunking why Masterworks is a scam, but essentially they sell you a fake "share" of a speculative price on an art work that may or may not even sell. It says so on their TOS, they can't guarantee that price because they can't guarantee a sale. Art is a poor investment because it's harder to find buyers to. Shares in art don't sell like shares in the stock market. All claims of yield are highly speculative and their investment vehicle does not afford investors the proper protections nor is it subject to regulations of other, more common investments. I recommend everyone to do their research before buying anything from Masterworks.

    As for Kings and Generals, do some modicum of diligence before accepting scam advertisements. Seriously big L for you guys. This is probably my first dislike on this channel.

  6. As an American who has lived with full family income much less than 100k I must say people making 6 figures living paycheck to paycheck is only a function of the fact that people tend to live at the edge of their means whatever they may be. They still have a very decent lifestyle and material wealth in most cases, but living like that comes with a certain base cost which, since many are in equilibrium with that cost, small changes can really cause a problem. Of course the answer is to change your lifestyle accordingly in the long run, which is not easy to do, but certainly living paycheck to paycheck for someone making 100k and someone making 15k is not the same conditions.

  7. So much death and pain….Ukraine's people will never forget Russia's aggression. The Russian aggression transformed Ukrainians into long-term enemies. 100 years from now, Ukraine will still hate Russia. Imagine how many decades will be needed by the Russians to be again a part of the political game in Europe or in international organisms.

  8. I think it’s important to note that the Russians have learned from many of their debacles last year. We aren’t hearing about miles-long convoys or massive munition stocks blowing up any more. In terms of human cost, the Russians are very much able to absorb that since at the moment they haven't tapped into their core population- it’s mostly colonized peoples, criminals, and volunteers at the moment. As a result they much left to throw into the grinder. The Ukrainians on the other hand have been balls to the wall since the start- it’s helped them stave off immediate defeat, but it’s also difficult to maintain. We are starting to see fractures all across the lines, as evidenced by minor pushes by the Russians. It’s going to be really hard for the Ukrainians this year, so I hope they have a plan to keep the Russians on their toes. Best of luck to the Ukrainians and anti-war Russians.

  9. in this video you mentioned the city of Dnipropetrovsk, but there is no such city anymore, its name Dnipro. Next time check the correct names of the settlements and on which map did you even see the name Dnipropetrovsk?

  10. Russians simply don't care about human lives. Not of those of their own men, nor those of other side's soldiers. Their tactics is there's no tactics, only human waves until they're all spent, or, victorious. Hopefully, all spent this time.

  11. Why do we have to give billions of dollars to Ukraine? No one cares about Ukraine. If Ukraine exploded tomorrow no one would notice because it is an insignificant corrupt country.

  12. I believe that the upcoming offensive of the Ukrainian army, supported by NATO technology, will finally put an end to the putin regime. waiting for him in The Hague, this is the end point for all Nazis

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