• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

New video shows the aftermath of fighting near Bakhmut, Ukraine, where a critical supply line for Ukrainian forces has come …


16 thoughts on “Video shows critical Bakhmut supply bridge destroyed by Russian forces”
  1. Fragt ihr euch nicht warum in Bachmut gekämpft wird? Weil die Ukraineischen Regierungstruppen dort verschanzt haben anstatt im offen Feld. Dass bedeutet die Häuser werden als Schutz genutzt und natürlich auch beschädigt und teilweise zerstört. Warum sind nach so langem Kampf um Bachmut noch nicht alle Zivilisten Evakuiert worden? Weil sie als Menschliche Schutzschild für die Mögliche Flucht oder beim Verstecken genutzt werden. Das ist kein Lob wert.

  2. Is this cbs news? Why is it fake? I keep hearing Nazi Ukraine is winning but their territory is getting smaller and smaller. We need to put Trump back in the office ASAP or Biden will throw away all our tax payers' money, for Nazi Ukraine.

  3. Yesterday, a sabotage group of Ukrainians crossed the Russian border in the Bryansk region, fired at peaceful houses in the villages, a school and a Niva car. An 11-year-old boy, the only one who escaped, pulled out 2 girls and ran away. Ukrainian soldiers shot on these children in their back. I repeat: ukranians shot on runaway children, in the back. The 11 old boy was injured by ukranians, because ukranians so "brave" as americans, who is used to fight only with children and women. These are the ugly-morons, which you support. I have a question,americans, are you the same uggly-morons as ukranians which are shooting on children? O, I know your answer: russianwhatabot kokoko. But you will answer before the God together with ukranians for your war criminals in ukraine, and other countries.

  4. Evacuation from Bakhmut is critically complicated. Now only 5-10 people a day are being evacuated from the city where the fighting is taking place.

    At the same time, about 600 people left the city during the peak of the evacuation, Deputy Mayor Alexander Marchenko said in a comment to CNN.

    'The enemy demolishes everything in its path, strikes at high-rise buildings and the residential sector. There are air raids, artillery shelling, mortar shelling. The enemy is hitting the city with everything they can. There is no way we can get there," Marchenko stated.

    He added that between 4,000 and 4,500 people now live in the city. They are difficult to convince to evacuate, as most of them are "afraid that they have nowhere to go and no one to go with."

  5. Why CNN didn't show end of video with Wagner? There are teenagers and very old man – Zelensky's fighters (now POW)

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