• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

BURNING Russian soldiers flee destroyed tank hit by Ukrainian drone bomb in brutal battlefield footage. This footage was …


27 thoughts on “Burning Russian soldiers flee destroyed tank hit by Ukrainian drone bomb”
  1. I think the two drowning in the water filled ditch is funnier, or the one who was asleep by a lake and got bombed, they then filmed him struggling covered in blood before dropping another grenade on him.

  2. Burned alive by your Ammunition that would have destroyed lives of your so called Slavic brothers and sisters is typical for a day in the life of Ivan Denisovic (Alexander Soljenizhyn)

  3. live by the sword die by the sword, no pity for them. There is no righteous cause for Russia (clearly Ukrainians want their freedom, not to be enslaved by a dictator and his minions) in this aggression. It is 1 insane man, Putin, unfettered by his despotic autocracy, driving his imperialistic crazy train.

  4. the comments all you internet tough guys is making is sickening and pathetic. wow a working class young man died a Horbal death so our unelected j@Wish neocon kagan clan can enforce their vile policies on the world?
    the disgusting hypocrisy of the United states in this is also like our

    PS if Ukraine "wins this war" will it survive the imperialistically foreign policy of the United States, demanding open borders, complete demographic replacement, anti-European culturalism, anti-nationalism and homosexual stuff. anyone remember us trying to impose post-modernist feminism on Afghanistan.

  5. Im supporting neither country but watching people lost tir life brings sadness to my heart , the western news shows how UKRAINE is being victorious but the truth reality is UKRAINE and Russia are having huge losses. And remember they're people like us being forced by the supreme leaders, Stop celebrating in people's suffering.

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