• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

German-Built Howitzers Pound Russian Targets In Ukraine


Mar 6, 2023

We joined a Ukrainian Army crew manning a German Panzerhaubitze 2000, a self-propelled, long-range howitzer, as it opened …


28 thoughts on “German-Built Howitzers Pound Russian Targets In Ukraine”
  1. It’s very sad that Reagan and Thatcher turned their backs on Gorbachev when he tried to open up Russia to the west. Gorbachev asked for help, they did not give it and now we have Putin.

  2. imagine the idiots we have in our armies in peace time…to learn new equipment they calculate in months and years, these guys learnt to use it in two weeks

  3. We need to provide these guys way more. Our Leader in germany is a weak, soulless shell and is scared of russia, he's not capable to make any decisions by himself and quick. Things will errupt here soon, our people have enough of this. it''s a shame, those guys over there need way more support.

  4. Krab or K9 ain't bad either… In the end, numbers matter the most… kills per corpse/hero basically. The more and the better the weapons, the less your soldiers have to die.

  5. As a Dutchman, my deepest respect and sympathy to the Ukrainian forces and all who stand by their side. I am glad that some small part of my tax money has provided Ukraine with the weapon systems that are making a positive difference for them.
    Slava Ukraini

  6. The Panzerhaubitze 2000 makes the difference!! As a German, I am glad that we can support Ukraine in defending your country!!! Now only the Leopard A2 tank is missing, I miss that there …. tanks hooray!!!

  7. 100,000 dead 200,000 wounded Ukrainians according to "the Pirate of Brussels Ursula von der Wacky." Hidden from the people by the National Socialist Bandera Government of Ukraine.

  8. Нацисты помогают нацистам убивать русских, снова! История повторяется и русский Иван, опять вынужден дать по длинному носу европейских шавок, натравленных англосаксами на Россию. Готовьтесь!

  9. Now I as a German would like us to supply Ukraine with the most modern ammunition as well. That would allow precision fire over a distance of 70 km or more.
    Add in the new Rheinmetall KF51 Panther tank and watch the enemies run. But sadly my "government" won't be able to scrape up enough courage to do that. If we had done more this war could have been seen to it's end by now.

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