• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian drones drop grenades blow up 150 Russia Soldiers in Front lines Bakhmut These videos show a Ukrainian drone …


21 thoughts on “Horrible Footage!! Ukrainian drones drop grenades blow up 150 Russia Soldiers in Front lines Bakhmut”
  1. This is really FAKE for sure. LOL!!! Hearing from military channel, alexander mercouris, hindustan times, scott ritter, douglas mcgregor, redacted, the dive, Ukrainians in Backmud suffer heavy losses. Ukrainian reinforcement won't even last for 4 hours. LOL!!!!

  2. Another fake channel ! You can tell by the name of the channel and the logos they use. One-man operation from in a basement. Sky news, Kanal 13 and TVP all vet their combat footage for date/time/place etc… Those three at least are reliable.

  3. Says this was posted just two hours ago, some scenes its snowing, some have a lot of snow on the ground, other scenes has no snow on the ground at all. This is just a bunch of old videos mixed together. Cant believe any of it.

  4. beat me two it I was stuck on machine gun tank drones and drones carrying automatic machine guns.. I should have guessed grenades..
    just giving credit to Zelensky
    rockets too!

  5. Чи заробляють ці військові злочинці краще?… Chy zaroblyayutʹ tsi viysʹkovi zlochyntsi krashche?

  6. In the past, the leaders themselves fought in the lead. Putin wants Ukraine so bad. Why doesn't he fight on the front line himself? He does not dare! He doesn't get further than behind his desk!

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