• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Old NATO Howitzers Are A New Weapon For Ukrainian Artillerists


Mar 6, 2023

The FH70 155-millimeter howitzer has been used by NATO countries for over 40 years. The letters and number actually stand for …


18 thoughts on “Old NATO Howitzers Are A New Weapon For Ukrainian Artillerists”
  1. The weapons of olds being used for their intended purpose.

    If old weapons could be somewhat sentient they would be glad to be generally used.

    Because designed purpose would drive them mad if they didn’t do what they were made to do

  2. Ukraine: Can we get the M777?
    U.S.A: You have a M777 at home.
    The FH70 at home: Yo, I got semi-auto for a reason; I heard you like correcting fire missions. Spray and pray all day babyyyy
    Ukraine: Yeah, about that.

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