• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Russian troops enter Ukraine Army trenches; Face-to-face fight caught on camera | Watch


Mar 6, 2023

Russia has released dramatic drone footage of an assault on Ukrainian soldiers inside their own trenches. The video showed …


25 thoughts on “Russian troops enter Ukraine Army trenches; Face-to-face fight caught on camera | Watch”
  1. how to make a 4 minute video out of a 10 second clip, good thing you're describing it to us so slowly since you literally covered up key parts of the clip with the giant subtitles.

  2. This is b.s. propaganda. Putin is a funny guy. Likes to walk on the beach with his shirt off, pausing occasionally to suck farts out of dead seagulls. He likes to suck goats, and always keeps a few of his favourites in his bedroom in the Kremlin.

  3. I can't believe we are back to trench warfare like World War One. We just never learn as a species that sending innocent people to kill each other is not the answer to our problems.

  4. For those confused saying “no matter which side you on” it absolutely f+++ing matters if you are on the side of ruzzi terrorists or Ukrainian warriors defending their Motherland! Shame on y’all! Смерть роиси и руцким свиноматкам.

  5. Yes and Thai happens daily the Ukrainians are being destroyed and yet all you see is biased one sided ukraine propaganda. I don’t like these videos to be shown on YouTube no matter the side. I could not care less about either! But these videos are not right! Showing dying people is not anything to celebrate!!!

  6. sweet good to see the good guys wining in this. tho i never thought i would ever see the day were Russia was the good guys but in this war they totally are.

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