• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

The Ukrainian Air Force said it has shot down a Russian fighter jet in the eastern Donetsk region. Russian state media is also …


41 thoughts on “Ukraine claims to have shot down Russian fighter jet in Donetsk region”
  1. What kind of rubbish this Kimberly girl is spouting, Which polls?
    Only a small fraction of German are questioning the increasing Ukraine support.. and truly they are probably those who want cheap gas & oil from Russia

  2. Putin lovers in the US should go fight with Russians. The Republican Communist Party will be defeated, you are disgusting. We the people, will purge all traitors who seek to destroy our democracy. The House, Senate and Presidency will soon be ours. We will see Justice done.

  3. That woman news reader is totally incorrect…… its MY COUNTRY, Great Britain, that has supplied the 2nd highest amount of aid to Ukraine, NOT Germany, NOT France.

  4. There is no crime, no cruelty, no abomination that the mind of men can conceive of which the Russian has not perpetrated, is not perpetrating, and will not perpetrate if he is allowed to go on…

  5. China is spoiling for a third world war. There is nothing China wants more than to have its military confront the United States. I believe that will a bloody miscalculation if their plan is sizing up the US in the planned annexation o of Taiwan.

  6. only our prorussian republicans want to stop aid to the ukes so putin their friend wins!! send them to uke soldiers who lost love ones! U S A will not do anything against traders proof is adolf trump is not in prison for life or burried in red sq..

  7. When push comes to shove Chancellor Scholz may have to take unpopular decisions. Russian disinformation is trickling into Germany, and it may gain track with people other than right /left wing Russia supporters.
    We simply cannot cater to them and they should be irrelevant to the Government with respect to decisions.

  8. I am so happy the Ukrainians are not loosing men or equipment as reported by our trustworthy and only accurate sources for news. I am envious of the way they protect their soldiers from the evil Russians. I Will be sad if I ever get reports of any Ukrainians been hurt.

  9. What the Ukrainians need in Bahkmut is bridging equipment to reestablish a logistical link. Try Googling "german built bridges in Afghanistan" and see what comes up.

  10. You're being overly generous with the term Russia Troops. Turns out a lot of these guys are 40ish Russian men and signed up with assurance they would be manning road blocks and digging trenches. Next thing they know they're on a truck headed for Ukraine and then placed in the front lines. Some have been seen in a frontal assault on a Ukraine position with nothing more then than a shovel to fight with. On average they last about three days.

  11. Thank GodTrump was defeated. Can you imagine the disaster not just Ukraine but all of Europe would be in if Trump had been allowed to complete his plan to withdraw from Nato . Trump would have helped his handler Putin invade all of eastern Europe after Ukraine. The brave Ukrainian army desparately needs the military support that Joe Biden is leading the effortfor to provide, not only from the United States , Biden has united all of Europe to join the support for Ukraine against Trump's friend Putin.

  12. NATO and particularly the US will never stop funding Ukraine cause this is the best case senerio…. you have one of you biggest enemies and treats to our western freedom in a war where you can defeat them without ever loosing a NATO troop.

  13. Melissa Bell looks like she is going to Paris Fashion Week but responding to the woman CNN presenter where she says: "Germany criticized for …hesitating .. in providing… assistance…", the truth is that Bundeskanzler Scholtz and his SPD are captured by Russian business interests; in 2016 , this is after Russian forces invaded Ukraine Eastern Oblasts and annexed Crimea and a war started between the Russian backed separatists and Ukrainian army, German President Steinmeier criticized NATO for engaging in "warmongering" actions towards Russia! He is still President. You will not get the truth from CNN!

  14. Just wondering…,this is the only one of the former General pundits I've heard that says that Bahkmut is "strategically and tactically significant." Everyone else has said the opposite. Bahkmut has become symbolic, and even if Russia overruns it, it shows how stupid they are to have taken the losses. They should have bypassed the city, and given the UA nobody to fight there. Cities are rarely, if ever, strategically significant militarily. Let's hope Russian ineptitude continues, which certainly appears to be the case.

  15. Russia destroys Ukraine military infrastructure and thousands of Ukraine soldiers are dying everyday and Russia advancing and taking territories every day but CNN does not show those because you are driving western narratives. Slava Russia. No matter what the western media can say, the world except the west knows that Russia is winning against the USA plus Ukraine plus the UK plus Europe

  16. I agree with Gen Swack. Bakhmut is a showcase win for Russia. For Ukraine it is not a showstopper. The Russians have lost irreplaceable soldiers and heavy equipment. Nonetheless Ukraine has shown itself to be resilient and resourceful in Putin's War and will come back on top. Victory to Ukraine!

  17. Ukrainian soldiers do not need to hold out. They just need to do a strategic retreat and target the invading Russian soldiers and military equipment for which they already have coordinates, the same places where they were located!

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