• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Ukrainian Troops Get Morale Boost As M777 Howitzers Make An Impact

The Ukrainian military has started to actively use the 155-millimeter howitzer M777, which the United States handed over to …


18 thoughts on “Ukrainian Troops Get Morale Boost As M777 Howitzers Make An Impact”
  1. The way they’re running that gun scares me a little.

    It’s WAY to quiet, I’m not sure who is doing what.

    Are they clearing and cleaning that bore? I didn’t see it, and NO communication til he calls fire?!?

    Shout out to that rammers tho. They’re little guys, but they did figure out the method that works for their small team.

    And where is the 13Fox or equivalent? Where do they get their numbers?

  2. you are welcome, anything we can do to help. More of the same coming your way soon. At this very moment I sit here typing to the 'whump' of the M777s 155mm falling on the training range 5km from my back door. Firing is scheduled all day this week.

  3. awesome humble man explaining the situation and now firing most awesome artillery that exists to a enemy of the whole world, slava Ukraini. we are together with you from the beginning until the russian mf's are out.

  4. We'll if you move the gun to another place an move it back to the same place fired from after they bombed it as they fire more shots in the places around you fire on them an they should not know your placement till it's to late for them PNM.

  5. As an ex artillery from the late 90s, can someone explain to me what makes the 777 so superior to what the towed guys were using back then? Or the M109 howitzer? I dont see anything drastictly different on this design…I dont understand? Former 13B guy from the 90s here.

  6. The reason why the fighting moral of the Ukrainian troops are boosting not just that the US supplied them with precision weapons like it was shown here using a US Propelled towed artillery piece the M777 155mm Howitzer but also they have the support of the Ukrainian civliian populace support also the support of the international community as well

  7. На Донбaci нам не потрібен український мір, вусатий алкоголік Тарас Шевченко, сіфозна повія Леся Українка, жовто-синя ганчірка та нечленороздільний пердеж під назвою гімн України

  8. Lol another ukr/usa propaganda channel.

    The us M777 howitzer made an impact alright.
    Allready over 70 of the 108 M777 howitzers are out of commission;)
    They are shitty and breaks down so fast.
    And Russia blows them up 😉

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