• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
  1. I saw this footage on Tegram which is 14:36 mins lenght. The music you added is a bit misleading. In the original vid, you can hear the short breath of the soldier who is fighting for his life. He used 2 types of RPG grenades, i believe AT and frag against what appears to be a vehicule with heavy machine gun. He then uses 2 assault rifles, a LMG, some grenades+ some 25 mm grenades. I can't identify the russian vehicle. If anybody knows what it is, please add a comment.
    This is the most intense footage i ever saw… Man to man letal fight.

  2. Finally, we get to see the Western Globalists for who and what they are. After decades of advancing on Russia Western border the US/NATO military has provoked a military response from Russia. Hope you are ready for WWIII! China won't sit on the sidelines much longer. Western Globalists have shown weakness and blood is in the water.

  3. maria z. is not busy at eating strawberries….she spends hours trying to find some products on the smuglers black market…french and italian luxury cosmetics to make kind of a beauty out of this rubbish face.

  4. Indescribable accuracy of the drone operator. A whole new chapter in warfare. From the first Hot Air Ballon. To Radio Controlled Drones. Freaking amazing. And they said drones were just a fad. Onething about the Committee of THEY. THEY WRONG EVERYTIME.

  5. Как можно идти мимо окопа, из которого ведётся стрельба, идти в нескольких метрах и позволить выстрелить в себя в упор, подставиться? Что это? Тот погибший парень очки потерял и бежал наугад атаковать?

  6. Ukraine looking all the time.. can it be Quicker??? Do we all want to pay for this shit- well i dont! Im sick from all this usa trying to make money and keep their power! And stop telling ukramanians winning- they never will they don’t and will not! Open your eyes

  7. The footage from a scout sitting in a field full of russians was also something to see, as well as another scout sitting in a building drinking tea and watching the russians shoot each other.

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