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Bakhmut is still the hottest direction of all Donbas: Ukrainian artillery works round the clock


Mar 7, 2023 , ,

According to American and other Western officials, the number of Russian troops killed and wounded in Ukraine has reached 150 …


17 thoughts on “Bakhmut is still the hottest direction of all Donbas: Ukrainian artillery works round the clock”
  1. UATV to Pres. Zelensky n his team of policy makers: Why can Ukraine accommodate American Citizens in Great Briton like Briton allows *any US citizen to stay Briton for up to 6-month and when they go back to America and come back in even in *JUST a week later, they can stay another 6-month and how about that Ukraine policy makers, huh? Virtually no one will stay in London, or Briton and go back to US and comeback, but the point is there is **NO limit how often any American can do this! In short, this generous policy set up by Briton has been a long time ago NOT just in recent years! almost like US and UK is the same in a way, aside from **UK and US has *very special relationship that is well known internationally, including China! I urge Ukraine do the same, one way to bond with USA!

  2. 8 dozen attacks = 100 (more or less) times. Ukrainian fighters say Russians attack in teams of 10 soldiers. That means the RF Army sends 1000 soldiers daily to put pressure on Bakhmut. That is not a lot, if you consider that 1000 Ukrainians die every day there from russian arty. And that must be the russian tactics behind the whole "siege of Bakhmut". Lose 100 men (or about) in exchange of holding thousands of defenders in place so they can lose 1000 (or about) every day. Smart….

  3. I would watch to more of these videos if they were longer, maybe a once a week compilation on top or equipment/casualty updates like when the war first started?
    It's now just a matter of time before you guys 'win', I hope it goes fast with many countries supplying as much equipment as they can as soon as possible.

  4. Extolled a champion of democracy, the reverse is the case, with no oppositionª parties, no freedom of movement, compulsory military service, no freedom of expression, restriction of religion, restriction of language, screening of media, etc. The little deceiver has no desire to abnegate his dictatorship anytime soon that he justifies with this war, skillfully deflecting towards Russia fury aimed at himself over his edicts.

    ª There are opposition parties. Only those that challenge government policy or that lean towards Russia are banned.

  5. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few days. Prighozin, and not only him, claim that Bakhmut is practically surrounded. Here there is claim that it is not. Let's see in a day or two.

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