• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Ukrainian drones drop grenades blow up 720 Russian Soldiers in Trenches Makhmut These videos show Ukrainian drones …


35 thoughts on “Horrible Footage!! Ukrainian drones drop grenades blow up 720 Russian Soldiers in Trenches Makhmut”
  1. As a Retire Soldier I kind of feel sorry for these Russian Soldiers that Putin has started this war just because of his GREED and backing by the Super Rich in Russia who do not care what happens to the people as long as the can get the rights and the cash from a Natural Gas Pipeline the Ukraine refused to let pass thru their country. So, to Putin these Soldiers are just collateral damage and no loss if they are killed.

  2. A lot of the explosions shown weren’t small grenades dropped by the drones we saw. An awful lot of propaganda here, please don’t treat us like idiots!

  3. I hate that a hand full of bad people in our world can cause so much pain and sorrow….No sympathy for the Russians, they started it, the Russian people should kill their dictator, like Hitler and the Germans, they should of killed him themselves, same with Japan, no sympathy for the animals that cause so much sorrow…..Wish putin to be targeted by a drone, satan would suffer greatly if his spawn putin the putz was to recieve this same fate….The world would be a much better place.

  4. Its Bakhmut not Makhmut, but yeah I gues when your channel has "US" in it you know you will have them confuse with mid-eastern places.

  5. attacks 60 miles from the Krumblin is still 60 miles too far away. Go Get Them Ukraine! Take the fight right to Lil' Vlad. I am still waiting to see photos of shirtless Pooting riding his horse, leading his army of convicts in his glorious charge into a field of tanks, all while being mowed down. Pooting is a craven coward.

  6. All this propaganda to boost Ukraine morals. West media's and I would only believe it if russian soldier are out of ukraine. When this was is over either russian will occupy some more lands territory or WW3 errupts.

  7. I get it, views are important and content creators take some liberties to portray more drama but c'mon. This is mostly rehashed video from way earlier and is misrepresented to fit the dialog of the video. A good chunk of those explosions aren't drone strikes at all, when the video says they are. I am a supporter of Ukraine and as horrible as it is I'm glad to see success. There is a difference between battlefield reporting and fabricated propaganda.

  8. Mainstream media has yet to detail and define as to why Russia is attacking Ukraine. Perhaps the world would take this issue more seriously if there were publicized a reason for this war.

  9. Still remember the beginning when Russia was slaughtering unarmed citizens of Ukraine in the country Ukraine so even if it were true that Ukraine was entering Russian land and killing what was Russia wanting – gifts. It sounds like Russia is making it up . The Ukraine people are 100 percent correct in what they do and their mindset. No mercy

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