• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Russian soldiers have taken to social media pleading for help as they face a dire situation during their advance into Vuhledar.


35 thoughts on “'It's a 'cluster f—' | Russian soldiers despair as tanks are destroyed by Ukrainian forces”
  1. For if they profess themselves able to draw down the Moon, to obscure the Sun, to produce stormy and pleasant weather, as likewise showers of rain, and heats, and to render the Sea and Earth barren, and to accomplish ever thing else of this kind, whether they derive this knowledge from the Mysteries, or from some other mental effort or meditation, they appear to be impious toward the study of such concerns.

  2. Russian tactics have never changed just send waves of undertrained men who lack the equipment, morale and brainpower to achieve anything. GLORY TO UKRAINE

  3. this tactic seems to have worked around bakhmut and soledar, but when u have to cross 2km open field to reach the next town that wont work there..

  4. It is religious war. Catholics vs Orthodox Christians. Pope is told by Joe Biden to finish Orthodox Christians with help of Jewish Zelensky. Christians are in minority in the Europe now. One Ukraine man left for ten Ukraine women. Joe Biden/CNN is telling Ukraine is winning and Ukraine is a democracy. Wrong. Give peace a chance. Joe Biden is Catholic and does not want peace.

  5. Nice tactic by the Orcs , ware down the Ukrainian ,especially their mines and RPGs and artillery with our vehicles ………..never interrupt your enemy when they are making mistakes.

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