• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

NATO has pledged to send Kyiv more heavy weapons as the war in Ukraine heads into its first winter, a war which is becoming …


37 thoughts on “On the frontline of Ukraine's artillery war”
  1. I just love the doctor how he is quite like nothing is happen . this is makes me trust with my heart it's important for every front line god bless each of them glory ukraine

  2. Artillery tubes can fire a limited number of shells and must be replaced after becoming worn. Our American and supporting countries must supply Ukraine with replacement parts as needed. Few understand how huge are logistics needs in warfare. We must keep Ukraine fighting and with everything they need.

  3. Россия победит и вернёт православную веру на Украине, западный сатанизм не пройдёт.

  4. At least the money that us taxpayers give to Ukraine is going to a good cause. We could’ve done more if our stupid citizens and government would stop focusing on catering to delusional cross dressers and drug fiends. Glory to Ukraine, where values still exist and you are allowed to stand up and fight

  5. I find it so sad that no one talks about Russians. I know Ukrainians have it terrible now, but Russians will have it terrible in the near future. They are on the brink of having worse living conditions than Americans!! Just imagine that for a second.
    I can't imagine the agony of a whole country being so culturally fucked up like America (and Russia in the near future).
    I mean even Africa and China are getting so much better by the year!

    Let's all put our hands together and hope for a better world. May most countries in South America, Europe, Oceania & Asia be a good example for Russia and North America.

  6. Supplying back-up arms would strenghten Ukrainian fighting spirit, this way they are kept on "a short leash", not really able to plan enough, and move forward enough, not knowing if NATO is REALLY holding their back. Many Ukrainian arms needs are the same as in spring. For God's sake, give them the arms they need and let them end the war before they can't end it anymore. This war could have been over in April 2022, NATO (not?) willing. Great journalist, thank you.

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