• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Ukraine’s armed forces released a video on Sunday (May 15) saying it said showed servicemen firing new U.S. M-777 howitzers …


16 thoughts on “Ukraine forces use new American howitzers on Russian positions”
  1. Hey Putin hörst du das Echo wie es erklingt, es sind unsere heldenhafte Krieger für die Freiheit!!!

    Die Verluste an gut geschulten Soldaten sind zu hoch, wer soll die intelligenten Waffen bedienen!

    Ruhm der Ukraine! Stolz sind wir auf Euch! Ehre den Helden!

    „Ehre der Ukraine“ Слава Ukraine Unsere Seele ist bei Euch!

  2. Marmor Stein und Eisen bricht, aber unser Haus die Ukraine nicht!

    weil schon in grauser Zeit die Freiheit kühn gepriesen, schau niemals zurück

    unsere Liebe ist echt und tief, unsere heldenhaften Krieger werden siegen

    wie das Licht wird die Dunkelheit!

    Ruhm der Ukraine! Stolz sind wir auf Euch! Ehre den Helden!

  3. Someone please explain how this weapon is “advanced.” There is a crank and one of the soldiers is using some stick to push up the missile.

  4. Lets hope Ukraine gives these torturing, raping, murdering savages of the ragtag Russian army a good taste of pain which these new weapons will deliver. Slava Ukraini

  5. I didn’t believe those who said Russia is great but now I realize it as I see all the world is united against Russia, the US doesn’t dare to face Russia directly but give weapons to Ukrainians to weaken it’s old enemy

  6. Germany does not ship the promised tanks. It's Betrayal. Don't buy German products. They made the European Union a Gazprom Union. For years, they have been deliberately blocking Ukraine's accession to NATO and the European Union. They sold arms to Putin despite the sanctions and now pretend to help Ukraine. They want to take power in Europe by creating an undemocratic communist state. Because of them, it will be World War III.

  7. It is strange that Ukraine does not post videos where the Ukrainian military surrender by the thousands. As the defense ministry recently went to jail itself, refusing to go to war. And this is a Ukrainian video, not a Russian one. 2500 people of Azov are now in a prisoner of war camp. And they give very valuable testimony. Revealing all the secrets of the Kiev leadership. They have nothing to lose, they have been abandoned. They hand over everyone. Even the SBU leadership. The Luhansk arc has been breached and destroyed. The Ukrainian military simply or instantly die or surrender en masse.

  8. All russia has is expendable people and nuclear weapons, when it comes to real combat they are stuck in the cold war with the exception of advancement in aircrafts

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