• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Sky News military analyst Professor Michael Clarke joins Tom Cheshire as they look at what appears to be the last hours of Kyiv’s …


26 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Encircled Ukrainian troops begin withdrawal from Bakhmut”
  1. In the name of honour and decency, perhaps these commentators could at least acknowledge the humanity of the Russians in leaving one road open for Nato troops to escape.

  2. What happened ?,? The Mainstream Media said Russia was finished , Putin is crazy etc etc etc.

    Lies Lies and more Lies .

    No wonder they're losing followers day by day.

    Good Riddens

  3. does anyone really believe this news?? I mean over the past few years. Its obvious they are controlled by mega dollars and the top two percent of the richest folks in the world. Bias and propaganda is their Forte

  4. Oh i thought Ukraine was winning and Russians are fighting with trench shovels?! Finally the Neo Con warmongers admit….Ukraine isn't doing too well. Westerners are subjected to these lies continuously. The Ukrainian people are oppressed and under the authoritarian boot of the Far right extremist Dictatorship of Zelensky and the Banderites.

  5. Бажаю вам українські герої перемоги. Мені прикро, що уряд Ірану допомагає російським агресорам. Мохаммад з Ірану

  6. Зеленский не прав, что хочет защитить свою страну, защитить свою территорию от захватчиков? Разве вы не будете сражаться, чтобы защитить Россию? Для меня неправы те, кто напал и вторгся в Украину, а не те, кто защищается.

  7. The whole world is aware that if Russia wins, Putin will go further into Europe. Even the slightest success on the front could make him more confident and he will attack Europe. We don't need that! Therefore, we must support Ukraine for as long as it takes.

  8. The Russians are ruthlessly destroying the Ukrainian people, raping, torturing, and killing them. How does it occur to anyone to suggest peace negotiations? I often see people in the comments who offer them. This is complete nonsense. The Russians should just be exterminated.

  9. Viva Putin and Russia. president Putin he is already finish to fighting with Ukraine now he is fighting with NATO but he will win too. Russian president no blah blah he show activities.

  10. Rem when "Russia was losing and Ukraine winning?" Rem US hirmars and stingers was going to be a game changer? There's was no way Ukraine stood a chance again Russia Even with backing from 30 west countries

  11. The Russians better waste all those trapped that have not left already.
    If the Russians allow them to flee they will be allowed to be fighting again.

  12. Send more tax payers money to Ukraine please. We must encourage them to continue the fight until the very last Ukrainian man.
    Bakhmut today, London tomorrow and the rest of Europe the day after. Why can't we stop the Russians!

  13. Does Biden not realize he's already beginning to dodder his way out of this world? It's a matter of a few weeks to, at most, a couple of years left for him. The worst way of finishing this life journey is with hands full of young red blood..

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