• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Sky’s defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke looks at Bakhmut, which the Russian forces claim to have encircled.


21 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Is Bakhmut about to fall to Russian forces?”
  1. There are already 4 complete Ukraine Brigades,who can themselfes encircle the Russian Troops,what are meaning to encircle Bahmut! It could cost some time,but the Ukraines are very closed to shut the clams. I hope so!

  2. Zelensky owns a Floridian home worth 35 million dollars 1.2 Billions in overseas Bank Account own 15 houses ,3 planes and has a monthly income of 11 million as we struggle to pay our bills and he had the audacity to go from country to country to beg for weapons and finance he must have thought countries like UK and America had got Money Tree he never thought the money is coming from poor Taxpayers money

  3. How interesting it is to watch a video from three days ago against the background of today's events. It suddenly began to seem to Russia that Bakhmut was not a bone in the throat, but a huge stone that hit the head of the Russian army

  4. Ukrainians are indomitable!
    they have been defending their country from invaders for a year.
    and today the situation in Bakhmut has already changed – the Ukrainian army will restore control in the city.

  5. LOL god western media is a joke. Bakhmut is not of strategic importance. Only saying it now that it’s falling to keep the funding of the war machine going. Idiots.

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