• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Former senior military intelligence officer Philip Ingram joins Sky News to look at both Ukrainian and Russian strategies in the city …


30 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Is the defence of Bakhmut a distraction?”
  1. Shameless creeps after centuries of colonization now comes with new tactics instigating others to fight to ultimately steal the wealth but this time evil will be cornered.

  2. How many years is it going to take for the average western moron to realize that Ukraine isn't winning or on the verge of winning? We'll still be hearing about how the Russians are nearly losing a year or two from now I'm quite sure.

  3. That Red area is getting bigger and bigger !! But don't worry guys the UKRAINIANS are winning !!! But the red area on that map growing and growing , soon it will reach the Romanian BORDER !!!? But don't worry the Ukrainians are winning !!!

  4. It looks like Russia will prevail in eastern Ukraine, and will move up to the east banks of the Dniper river, and then will call for peace talks.

  5. It makes perfect sense to fight in a old crappy mining town that is already destroyed. Where they can inflict heavy casualties while keeping them in a area where they don’t care much about. Better to fight over bakmut then kyiv

  6. this talk of the fiercest fighting is wearing old. along with ukraine is winning and killing all the russians who [as reported last year] have RUN out of ammo and missiles. is the ukraine suffering any deaths or being short on ammo? they fled from Severodonetsk and now are ready to flee from bahkmut…and somehow the russians are bombing the place to the ground? with what? russians months ago were supposed to have no ammo left? wow..get your lying propaganda straight. bahkmut is CLEARLY being encircled. better run while there's a chance. or it will be umpteen troops captured like at Mariupol. real story is russia is winning and pushing the ukraine out of even more of their land; should of took the Minsk deal while it was there to be had

  7. This smurf belongs in a Disneyland. What is the valiant history of AUA armed forces? Genocide of aborigine peoples? Bakhmut is literally death ground for Ukranian soldiers but they keep it for political reasons. Poor people

  8. Biden and other leaders in the dark are pushing the world into a third world war by plotting to destroy Russia. They use Ukraine and the countries around Russia against Russia and force Russia to take military action. Then they have an excuse to pump weapons for Ukraine to fight Russia forever. They don't want the war to end.

    They want to win or lose, which means that either Russia has to lose, or Russia has to press the button to launch a nuclear missile and all lose. They hope Russia will give in before it can press the button on nuclear weapons.

    Their heads (Biden and the people behind Biden) are cold because they calculate so carefully, and their hearts are frozen because they consider the death of the whole planet as a small matter.

  9. The US does not want any country to get stronger. This is why for the past few hundred years, the US has never stopped creating wars here there and then overthrowing them forever, in order to make sure that no country can focus on developing.

    Using Ukraine and the countries around Russia to oppose Russia is also the motto of "no single country gets stronger" of the US.

    The US and China are similar in this policy (not allowing anyone to get stronger) so they will clash fiercely.

    The world will never have a happiness and peace as long as there are superpowers, super rich people in the dark who control everything.

  10. The US (and NATO) intelligence is very capable, they have placed their subordinates in control of countries surrounding Russia, and gradually encircled and undermined Russia, causing it to break into many pieces. Ukraine under Zelensky is a special case because they wholeheartedly follow the US to fiercely resist Russia. Ukraine has many secret preparations such as setting up new extremist groups, developing biological weapons, eradicating Russian culture, killing Russian residents, and being trained by the US intelligence to infiltrate Russia…

    Russia knows everything and has to resort to military action to prevent being surrounded and falling into the current plan of the US. If Russia stays still and waits, they will die slowly, but if they react, the US has an excuse to call for a coalition to attack Russia. Russia is doomed no matter what.

    However, we hope that God is watching over everything.

  11. "according to the Ukranian ministry of defence"…..great reporting….7 to 1 casualty ratio….yet Russian & independent sources say 1 to 10 in the other direction….Ukraine is grinding down Russia…or Russia is grinding down Ukraine (who has more resources)? And gotta love the "Russia is running out of ammo for the 100th time this war…yet they keep firing 20k rounds per day and weekly missile strikes….

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