• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Sky’s Stuart Ramsay reports from the border between Mykolaiv and Kherson Oblasts where Ukrainians forces continue to stand …


22 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Ukrainian artillery 'pound' Russian positions in the south”
  1. After 221 days, the world is laughing at Russian men running from Putin's draft.

    [G] Oma rapiti, oma rapiti [D7] oma, oma, oma. Run rabbit, run rabbit [G] run, run, run..

  2. this war between russia and ukraine. vs nato & the usa , when russia bombs then it speaks of civilians are killed . on the sides of ukraine, when ukraine bombed it never said the civilians are killed. can't. At least I didn't believe it at all

  3. Sure they pound!
    Since 2014 to Feb 2022 they killed several billions of Russian soldiers in Donbass (at least couple millions a day), destroyed millions of Russian interceptors, fighters, bombers, helicopters, tanks, submarines and nuclear ice breakers!

  4. Lets hope they lose Ukraine and that joke named Zelenski goes back playing in theatre..
    That way, world will be put back in order and less will suffer.

  5. Low morale: More than 10000 Russian soldiers surrendered en masse in Ukrainian blitzkrieg operation! US daily brief… No Wonder another Ruzzian Army of Orcs gets Con-Scripted
    Putin the Con MAN… endless lies… to conscripts paid on the cheap vs $100,000 Contracted Kadyrov Zombies paid to shoot de-moralized Ruzzians in the back of the head. Putin pays Kadyrov to shoot Ruzzian Orcs… he'll do it for FREE…

  6. Ukraine soldiers firing the gun are probably all dead today, the Russians are not going away anytime soon. If this is going to be a war of attrition then Ukraine can't win, Russia maybe throwing hundreds of thousands into Ukraine but they have the numbers Ukraine don't and with winter coming the Russians have a Hugh advantage.

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