• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

This footage released by the 36th Separate Marine Brigade of Ukraine shows Ukrainian marines using drones and artillery to …


21 thoughts on “Ukrainian marines destroy Russians in armoured vehicles near Donetsk”
  1. We are Russians, God is with us. Damn, learn history, we were born in fire, it's in our blood. Western mongrels will be smashed. The whole world is Russia!

  2. Honestly what I see the Russians do to the Ukrainians in other videos, this doesnt look that bad. I would rather be on the Russian side. Your chances of surviving are 800%+ higher. Plus the Russian babes waiting at home…

  3. I'm happy to see Ukraine gaining ground. It's a shame that those Russians are getting killed like that, when I bet almost every one of them don't want to be there. If they had a choice, they would be far away from Ukraine.

  4. When someone asked the prime minister what side of the fence Dion what is why I still allowed to trade in Russia I thought everybody had to stop paying money making money from Russia British Prime Minister app just burnt out what traded in Russia Callie got to keep both sides of the fence open is it with Russia or what but the British people

  5. it is so sad for human kind in general that we wipe is out in the 21st century like in the stone ages and we have not learned since, just improved the weapons

  6. в начал ето нахрена свои БМП раздолбанные показываете? для эпичности а то больше нечего снимать? Видели уже Ваши БРДМ, ГАз-66 и Кразы которые вы выдавали за Российскую затрофеенную технику ах да еще Т-64)) хоть бы для видоса камуфляж поменяли

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