• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Ukrainian Troops Say M777 Howitzers Change The Course Of Battle In Donetsk Region

Ukrainian artillery crews make regular use of the Western-supplied M777 howitzer and say it has had a major impact against …


37 thoughts on “Ukrainian Troops Say M777 Howitzers Change The Course Of Battle In Donetsk Region”
  1. As an American I would not be upset if our government sent Ukraine another hundred or two hundred of these. It's definitely an investment towards world peace. Slava Ukraini!

  2. Если эти ублюдки продолжат стрелять из таких гаубиц по мирному населению, то скоро будут найдены и повешены. А затем очередь дойдёт до тех, кто им это оружие поставляет. "Месть – это блюдо, которое подают холодным"(с) Запомните это, граждане 4 Рейха.

  3. Everyone goes overboard on anything to do with the US. Without having any idea of anything being done by any other country, or the equipment provided. France has supplied, FOC, the Caesar 155mm field howitzer, 18 of them, and is going to increase that to a total of 46. Not only is the gun more modern than the M777, but it is more accurate, and faster firing. Don't be presumptive, by thinking that only what you get from the US is the best equipment being supplied, IT AIN'T.
    And France also trained a first batch of 40 Ukraina soldiers on the system.

  4. I’m glad my tax dollars has provided Ukraine these “Triple Axes”. More than willing for more of my tax money spent on providing more pieces & more Excalibur shells.

  5. The howitzer is big crap. It has to be readjusted after each shot. Because she needs a towing vehicle, changing positions takes too long. The Russians quickly get the position and take it out. Scrap metal.

  6. Best tax dollars I ever spent. These weapons were essentially all made for fighting Russia – I'd much rather them be over there helping Ukrainians ward off the Russian invasion that sitting idle in a warehouse in the midwest doing nothing but being checked up on for maintenance every few years or firing a few rounds in a training exercise then going back into the warehouse before eventually being scrapped.

  7. Russia has a right to defend itself. If you don’t understand that US intel orgs started this war in 2014 and that the media hasn’t cared about the civil war going on there since, and if you don’t realize that western oligarchs are financially benefiting from the war(hence 0 effort for peace talks); you are lost. This is a manufactured conflict to benefit US/Euro elites.

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