• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

War in Ukraine: Are new alliances dividing the world? | To the point

The war in Ukraine has global implications and is increasingly becoming a clash of systems – Western democracies are feeling …


20 thoughts on “War in Ukraine: Are new alliances dividing the world? | To the point”
  1. NATO is the most brutal divider and instigator in history. That organization needs to be eradicated as soon as possible.

  2. Not dividing the world but saving the world. The once respected leader of the world is no longer reliable and trustworthy. Their true character and evil intentions are now exposed. BRICS++ is the new leader of the world. The Old is being replaced by the better New.

  3. Why is it that when there is an issue in Europe, the whole world needs to drop what they are doing and pay attention but not when it happens outside Europe? White supremacists and extreme right wing European identifying whites, please explain why we need to heed so much attention and care when it involves your "people" but not "inferiors"?

  4. Why is the media avoiding the fact that NATO is worried of embarrassment once China officially joins the Special Military Operation? The other perspective is that NATO did not expect Russians would annihilate The Western Weapons in this testing range? Sanctions have failed. As for Afrika, AU-BRICS, their biggest enemy and obstacle to development and prosperity is The West. Hence Afrika wanna deal with nations that do not meddle and dictate their politics. WHO SAID DEMOCRACY IS GOOD? Majority of The Global South, especially Afrika, do not agree with principles of democracy. Democracy has made Afrika a puppet continent and its citizens not want to follow The Western dictated and imposed way of thinking. Democratic principles destroyed innocent nations like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, DRC, Panama, Haiti, now Mozambique, The Sahel Region and now Ukraine…… the list is endless.

  5. USA and Russian policy regarding nukes is different… Russia's is safer.

    USA = president acknowledges

    Russia = multiple people at the same moment insert their individual keys in order to blast a nuke into the sky

  6. USA n Europe has to undermine the World for decades with it's Imperialist n Colonization mind set towards the World but that has changed finally the World sees the true evil nature of the USA n Europe the global North against the global South wish is bigger than the global North. Also call the Western mindset to manipulate,slave n still Natural Resources from anyone by bombing n killing civilians families as long as it can benefit it's own government politicians to enrichment of their pockets n the world it's tired of it n it's the end of the global North Imperial mindset.

  7. It is crystal clear that the enemy of the world is USA & its crony western allies and not Russia or China.. Hence, it is truly right for the world not to be used by USA to wage wars agonist Russia or China.

  8. The news reporter said not relying on their own source reliant other sources they don't know what's going on is just talking b*******propaganda

  9. Either youre with USA or with the rest of the world…. US is the only boss that runs the show… keep that in your thick skull people!!!

  10. China is not now in a position to see Russia losing the war while the west, particularly The USA, is seen as hostile to its own rising as a super power; and at the same time China cannot antagonize the West for economic reasons. On the other hand, Sino-Russian unity is a must for Chinese quest for a multilateral world. Thus, it’s posing itself as neutral as long as possible, which seems to be pro-Russian to the West in its behavioral pattern. So, Chinese peace plan appears to be a calculated planned gesture for peace.
    Both Russia and the west have failed to a great extent in their primary objectives:
    1. Russia thought to have quick victory in the form of regime change in Kyiv.
    2. The west utterly failed to brand the war in Ukraine as war between democracy and autocracy, and even failed to convince the global south to support their efforts and turn Rubbles into Rubbles in that line.
    Therefore, this war may end in some form, but the conflict will remain……..at least in the hearts and minds of many for centuries to come.

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