• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

These images show Ukrainian drones dropping bombs on Russian soldiers in snowy trenches. The footage begins by showing a …


16 thoughts on “Brutal Footage! Ukrainian Drones Drop Bombs Blow Up 10 Russian Soldiers In Snowy Trenches Bakhmut”
  1. USA and NATO – move more quickly on sending arms to Ukraine so the Hague can expedite a special tribunal to prosecute Russian war criminals. USA, NATO, it's been one year since you failed to prevent Putin from attacking Ukraine in early 2022. Yesterday, NATO and the WEST should have sent to Ukraine; 500 tanks, (Leopard 2 and M-1 Abrams) 300 Cobra or Apache helicopters, 300 F-16's 300 A-10's, 1000's of long range missiles and all the supporting equipment, maintenance, ammunition and logistical support needed to support the equipment and to put an end to Putin's BS and slaughter of Ukrainians? The USA knows how to organize logistics, train and mobilize an army in short order when they decide to do it, Iraq and Kuwait for example. The USA could do the same for Ukraine., Ukraine needs the capability of shooting down the Russian aircraft launching missiles into Ukrainian civilian neighborhoods. Ukraine needs to have the ability to sinking the ships in the Black and Azov Sea that launch missiles into Ukraine? When will NATO and the USA DRAW A RED LINE? Ukraine has needed preventative measures against Russian missile attacks against the civilian population for 12 months. Slava Ukraine

  2. Wagner group again bleating about the lack of supply , which indicates that the Russian high command are fearful of the burn rate of their ammo or they have a genuine supply issue , or it could still be as a result of the resent falling out between them and the Wagner leader

  3. As an American citizen this disgusts me how much money we have sent to a war we have absolutely nothing to do with. The real terrorist are the Americans. Worlds biggest warhead with an economy driven by inhuman wars and occupation in almost every continent on the planet. It is easy to be fooled but it doesn’t take much to actually see what’s going on. Rip all Russians and Ukrainians.

  4. How Sad that one Man is responsible for all this Carnage and Death in both Countries. The truly innocent Ukrainians have no choice in Fighting for Country, Freedom and Family is a Nobel Endeavor. Putin is Hilter reincarnated waging wars on Russia Neighbors for 40 years.

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