• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: रुस के हाथ में यूक्रेन के 20 हज़ार सैनिकों की जान, क्या …


33 thoughts on “Russia Ukraine War: रुस के हाथ में यूक्रेन के 20 हज़ार सैनिकों की जान, क्या करेंगे Zelensky?”
  1. सही है बखमूत मे पुतिन के सेना के मार से यूक्रेन की सेना ना पैंट में मूत दिया है ।

  2. Sari duniya janti h ki hum ek trf russia dusri trf fr bhi jeeta nhi ja sakta ,weapon hub h russia ,america ke pass jo bhi weapon h sabka counter maujood h russia ke pass

  3. Bhut halke me le gye russia ko,zelensky ukrain ko khtm krwakr hi manega ,america jimedar h is yudh ka na vo weapon de ukrain ko na hi ukrain ka ek bhi citizen aur fauji mre

  4. मैंने शुरुआत में ही कहा था कि, जेलेंस्की यूक्रेन को बर्बाद कर रहा है

  5. America and NATO alliance is dangerous for the whole world. They formed this alliance mainly to steal the wealth of others and to dominate. They themselves become robbers and bandits and tell the world the story of humanity at their convenience. America has atomic attack on Japan, Japan has forgotten today. Japan should have freed itself from America's influence and developed good relations with neighboring countries. Japan still does not understand why China and North Korea are enemies of Japan? That's because American troops are still stationed in Japan. The people of Japan should understand that if there is a conflict with North Korea or China and the US, then there will be an atomic attack on the people of Japan again. The people of Japan will die but not the people of America. So Japan should play a silent role and if possible build good relations with neighboring countries and kick America out of Japan.

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