• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Drone footage purports to show Russian tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles being blown up by mines or stopped in their …


37 thoughts on “Russian forces hit by Ukrainian artillery near Vuhledar in Donetsk”
  1. Куди хлопчик побіг? Не не навігації, не мап, нічого, тільки смерть. дивні ці створіння

  2. Wenn die Ukraine verliert, was sehr wahrscheinlich ist, sollte Putin nicht zögern, die Schurkereien und Verbrechen der USA, begangen auf dem Territorium der Ukraine, der Weltöffentlichkeit zu präsentieren. Es wird endlich Zeit, daß der größte Kriegstreiber (neben GB) der Welt endlich dauerhaft unschädlich gemacht wird.
    Rache für Dresden.

  3. Soooo.
    This same video stated last week, this was a land mine trap.
    Todays it’s artillery that destroyed the tanks.
    Make your mind up please.

  4. lookl like a direct hit from a side with a shaped charge. Like ATGM. Not even a direct fire with artillery. Maybe there is a sabot round that looks like this IDK

  5. Самые большие потери русских танков под Угледаром, больше 100 за месяц!

  6. Tanks in modern battlefields can not serve big purposes like WWII apart from being easily attacked by satellite guided missiles ….therefore those tanks sent by NATO will be targetted and destroyed by russian guided missiles one by one as well….

  7. Using drones as spotters is a lot safer than what they did in WWI with air balloons with the spotters in a basket underneath. THAT must have been real scary!

  8. Another video full propaganda… still u dont tell the truth about the front what is actally happening but u wasting our times because once upon a time a russian tank been destoyed but ukranian forces

  9. Should be stop fighting each other because people keep died a lot every day, if the war keeps go soon or later people will die a lot and doesn’t get nothing and where is future for people.

  10. Russian bandits were invaders deserve to be punished, they only bring their souls without corpses back to the country and The CCP is no exception

  11. It's like they keep sending there troops in to die, lol! Stupid Russians….. Ukraine should go shell some cities in Russia, payback. The Russian Army has lost alot of troop support and will struggle to defend the home front now…..

  12. this just show the weakness of Russian military tactics. No added support unit whatsoever. Just men in their tanks with limited visibility. Pity those soldiers were sent to their deaths.

  13. Full defeat of Ukraine bandera regime and NATO in Donbas : ukr nato losses by Order of magnitude higher than Russian

    According to the Mossad intelligence and special missions agency, Israel's national intelligence service, Ukraine lost 302 aircraft, 212 helicopters, 6320 tanks, 7360 artillery systems, 157,000 killed, 234,000 wounded, 17,230 captured, 234 NATO instructors, 2,458 mercenaries died. The losses of Russia, which the publication publishes, are an order of magnitude lower – 18,480 killed, 44,500 wounded, including 23 aircraft, 56 helicopters, 889 tanks, 427 art. systems.

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