• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

This footage released by the The the ‘Adam’ Combined Tactical Group of Ukraine shows Russian forces in frontline trenches …


25 thoughts on “Russian Soldiers die in droves in frontline trenches as they are hit by Ukrainian artillery”
  1. I think you lot are forgetting about the countless war crimes these same guys committed these scumbags deserve every second of it this is true entertainment

  2. The blood of EVERYONE is on the hands of the evil PUTIN……his private war has created a tragedy for both Ukraine and its people and his own countrymen – what an twisted, sick apology of a man.

  3. Any munitions experts here? .. I wonder if the blast pattern at the 2:24 mark is consistent with a cluster munition. Maybe even air dropped? Or is it a coordinated artillery barrage? Most of the other blast patterns appear to be singular anti-personnel artillery rounds and perhaps some drone-grenades. But that 2:24 pattern is a much wider swathe.

  4. Somehow I'm a bit confused about what to feel with these Russian soldiers. On one hand, they didn't have a choice and pushed on in the middle of the war, and on the other, I've seen a lot of reddit videos of cctv footages about russian soldiers mercilessly shooting innocent civilians, even shooting them so they won't leave any survivors of their own warcrimes.

  5. This is 20th century warfare taking place in the 21st century,,,I’m still shocked just how badly the regular Russian army has performed during the last 12 months..without the Wagner group I think the Russians would have been pushed back even further,,I actually feel for those being killed on both sides because they only go where they’re told,,most soldiers only join up for regular paycheques,,these young men are dying so old man putin can go down in history as the new Stalin,,that’s his dream to bring back the Soviet Union

  6. this is how the NATO make propaganda… imagine if russian dying like that how about Ukrainians? we saw Ukraine in ruins does it means its x1000 Ukraine's casualties?

  7. Absolutely no need for that at all. But when you invade someone else's home it has to be defended NO MATTER WHAT. What a complete tragedy. Russia will have its day of reckoning
    sooner than we think.

  8. Every single life wiped out in this war emerged into this world into the arms of a mother.

    That holds good for whichever side they are on.

    It is a tragedy driven by a completely mad dictator, who cares not for the lives he is wasting or the blood he is spilling.

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