• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

CNN’s Erin Burnett reports on the desperation of Russian soldiers pleading for help due to the severity on the ground. #CNN …


27 thoughts on “Russian soldiers dying in large groups, pleading to Putin for help”
  1. PROPOGANDA. A CNN slave repeating what she's told. Stop acting like ukraine is winning, if they were the russians would of been pushed back to Russia by now. Russia has 10 times the population hoardes will keep on coming and eventually the numbers will be to much until nato decides to step in and end the war crimes

  2. Loved question posed do you have any basic military experience! Coming from that mess, I don't know if I would have a yes reply, even if I was Annie Oakley!

  3. These Russians have one honorable chance of survival. Find something white, put down your weapon, hold the white thing above your head and walk slowly toward the Ukrainians. They probably will not shoot you that way, otherwise they certainly will. Slava Ukraini.

  4. Failed propaganda.. Ukraine is being destroyed .. America and the comedian President is responsible for all the deaths and destruction in Ukraine. The world know the truth. Yall failed on this one

  5. Anyone who rushes to die in a pointless cause for a dictator who thinks of him as meat.. he got what he rushed in for.. you can't save him from himself. There's no empathy to give him. By the way I'm a vegetarian since I don't even agree with the human status quo of animals treated as "meat".. and I do have maximum empathy for all the billions of animals killed by the sorryazz human species

  6. Want to live? Surrender, or leave…. it's that simple. You are the invader, defenders have better odds, you have no air support, you Have no AIR FORCE because they think they need it for NATO because they still think NATO wants to invade Russia… which is not true, we don't want Russia, it's too big, bear the burden you stupid fools.

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