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Six months after Russia invaded Ukraine it controls much of the east and south of the country. The war has become a slow and …


42 thoughts on “Ukraine’s artillery attacks Russian forces in south – BBC News”
  1. Ukrainian students have a big problem in our country.
    In Ukraine, male students are not allowed to study en masse, discriminating against people on the basis of gender. The border service does not allow students to pass by order of the chief.
    This is a massive violation of laws and human rights that has been going on for a long time.
    They violate the law of Ukraine, and some students are also intimidated by the police and threatened with prison. There are also rare cases when a border guard steals original documents. Some of the students had some injuries, after physical assault from the border service.
    The government does not comment on this issue. Please help us

  2. From New Zealand perspective : Regards to what is happening in Ukraine, Including the Nuclear power station under attack by Ukraine, people need to look at the chronology of how we got to where we are today in order to understand the situation and see a solution. At the end of WW2 soon after Russia had cleansed Ukraine of Nazi forces, is the start line. Consider facts provided by worthy global experts and history books, rather than Ukraine war news Zelenskyy has hugely propagandized theatrically, including this website…….. At the end of WW2 some American government agencies recruited Nazis out of Europe for staff. Since WW2, American government agencies and the UK have embarked on decades-long interference in other countries (including Eastern Europe) politics. They are behaving like global gangsters, hegemony and colonialists which continues to this day in the name of acting in the best financial interests of America and its corporations. The foreign policy blob and American war-monger politicians are out of control from a President who has dementia and is doing what they tell him to do. This includes corporates stealing other countries resources and land, and its woman, like in Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and South America etc etc to name some of so many. NATO is working hard to justify its existence by war-mongering. Amongst this history, Kennedy and Khrushchev came to a gentlemen’s agreement to end the Cuban missile crisis that being that Russia would exit Cuba, and America in the name of NATO would remove its Nukes from Italy and Turkey and stop pushing east. Unfortunately, America reneged. In 2014, Russia could no longer turn a blind eye to American and NATO’s political interference in Ukraine and eastern Europe. This included genocide of Russians in Ukraine, and a growing Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine hell-bent on achieving Hitler’s dream of a world war between America and Russia. In 2022, after America, UK, NATO and UN continuing to refuse to listen to Russia’s complaints in this regard, Russia invaded Ukraine this year to flush out the Neo-Nazi’s (including Azov Battalion), America, UK and NATO interests who had crossed the red line. God bless Russia and the Russian people who are once again fighting the evil Nazi’s as they did in WW2. In the mean-time, Russia has been becoming increasingly Westernised anyway. Ukraine could have chosen not to fight the Russian’s instead let them just roll over them with no loss of life and let Russia cleanse them of their Neo-Nazi regime, America, UK and NATO, and let Ukraine people-power prevail in the longer term and conserve their sovereignty. Instead, Ukraine’s Actors and politicians remain defiant upon the ego, naivety, and ambitions of their Neo-Nazi regime and Ukraine being sold an unachievable goal by America, UK, UN and the NATO war-mongers. The unnecessary loss of human life and infrastructure is tragic and does not benefit Ukraine at all. Only the global arms manufacturers will win this war. Its easy, all America, UK and NATO has to do is withdraw from Ukraine to stop all the killing. America has become distracted with Ukraine and lost a worthy ally in the form of Russia, and the growing global threat, Asia, is laughing all the way to unfettered world dominance! The American public needs to wake up from such naivety and act more logically and strategically in its choice of leaders. Perhaps a change of the corrupt heads and foreign policy analysts blob on capital hill is the only way to bring positive change and remove the nuclear threat from humanity (Power stations and missiles). We also need to focus on global starvation and global warming issues before this planet becomes uninhabitable. God bless Russia for cleansing Ukraine.

  3. Looks like the ukraine soldiers have never been trained to operate the equipment that's going to be the biggest problem for them no education and no leadership

  4. Zelensky work for NATO he is only responsible for blood and tears in Ukraian and Russia , Putin need Ukraian because he well aware NATO is making base inside Ukraian as they did against USSR with same hatred.Unfortunately Ukraians not aware about cruckedness of NATO, Putin he won't kill a single Ukraian. All of them from motherland Soviet Union. As how Newyork and Washington part of USA same way Ukraian any many of them part of the motherland❤ whay US did in Vietnam Cuba Basil Argentina Iraq Syria Africa all countries suffering only because of USA. Others Wise there is no big hatred in world

  5. Our goal is to raise a $1000 a day through Sept 10 to help families in Ukraine affected by the war. Any amount helps. Bitcoin donations are the most efficient way to get the funds to the families. Address below. BTC only. Thanks for your help!


  6. I think this war just shows you that the filthy rich Oligarchs are just an a continuation of a long history of oppression in Russia that creates great wealth for a small few and destruction for the "peasants". Hopefully Russians rise up to dismember the current ruling class.

  7. Surrender US aided Ukraine. Ukraine, It's cursed. Ukrainians in Ukraine are losers and Losers cannot be choosers. EU Contact UN and force Ukraine to stop war and force Ukrainian's to stop all fighting. Declare Russians Victorious and Ukrainians defeated. Declare war over.
    Convey ukrainian's defeat to Russia to UN, NATO, EU and others.
    Declare and go past, No man's land borders and vacate land.
    Who knows what everybody's lives have store for them. Sorry, you aren't right. Life is priority.
    You and zelensky, go to EU madam. Land is baggage, leave. Land is stage trap, love is not. Loved ones can be free,relocate elsewhere and live happily. Don't show us your food scare, scat off. War aid is jealousy, killing oneself. No do not fight. Sorry, you aren't right.
    Ukrainians leave Ukraine and go to other countries. World, UN can help all Ukrainians evacuate to other warless countries. This is a fundamental war right.
    Now you focus on evacuations and refugees.
    Reduce your Ukraine size in your head and on ground.
    This is THE Ukraine problem.
    Get out of Ukraine, dumb Zelensky! You can forget all, Evacuate and change citizenship, relocate. Your lives can be of other uses.
    Let all Ukrainian's invaded, become happy refugees forever to save own lives first and never go back to Ukraine, what are you tourists? Get out and don't go back to Ukraine ever again.
    Come, you want war? Reduce your Ukraine size in your head and on ground. No don't fight.
    This is THE problem.
    Get out of Ukraine, dumb war inciter Zelensky!
    Do not dramatize comments here and reverse comment.

  8. Joke of the day!
    Media: Zelensky rents house in Italy to Russian couple while lobbying Europe against visas.
    In the midst of Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky's efforts to block visas from Europe for Russian citizens, the Italian press made a discovery that once again exposes the hypocrisy of the Ukrainian head of state.
    According to a report in the newspaper Il Tirreno, the Ukrainian president's residence located in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, was rented for 50,000 euros (R$ 261,000) this month by a Russian couple. The property is valued at 4 million euros (R$ 20.88 million).
    Photos of the house posted by the couple on social media were the key for the newspaper to discover the contract. The portal also called the tenants and held a phone conversation in Russian to confirm the origin of the residents of Zelensky's house.

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