• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

THIS is the moment Ukraine’s fiercest soldier single-handedly took on a Russian tank. Extraordinary footage shows the …


30 thoughts on “Ukraine’s 'bravest soldier' single-handedly takes on Russian tank from trenches”
  1. And then he fell asleep and a bug bit him but he turned into ss2 goku healed himself the flew to the pub for a pint. The camw back got out his fleshlight and used starlink for prn hub. Then fell asleep the woke up and ordered uber eats…

  2. Lol u people are so dumb eating all this stuff up… ukanie solider fires one bullet kill 20 Russians and stops a time. Russia fires a missle and kills one solider and destroys an ice cream truck.

  3. people do not espect that war is possible today. not me! because we live in a time where it seems to be part of the entertainment to watch people die and kill each other and make money with it… and clicks as a news company…..

  4. Украина (Окраина), Бела Русь (Минск), Москальщина – славяне вышли все с Балканского полуострова, а туда пришли как и все евреи (европейцы) с Аравии (Арабии) то есть все ваши славянские корни это арабы (евреи).

  5. What Russia should take from this video is that Ukrainians rather die fighting for their country instead of being oppressed by putin…

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