• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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22 thoughts on “Ukraine's Defence Minister asks Europen Union to send Ukraine 250,000 artillery shells a month”
  1. China could produce 820.000 artillery shells per month in capacity if they ramp up their production. Almost 3 times bigger than those of EU + USA production combined

  2. There isnt that much weapons to send anymore in europe, most weapons plants has been ran down. Europe cant produce as much weapons and ammo as is needed in ukraine by far. At some point there isnt anything to send anymore, stockpiles are running low in most counties allready

  3. Russia is using 5 times more because they are bombing civilian buildings. Ukraine️ needs more but not as much as the Russian army is using.

  4. UK, Germany and France make artillery shells for many of the weapons Ukraine has….. The only saving grace is Russia is abandonning much of their ammo when over run, and it works in the other half of Ukraines weapons that were old soviet systems….

  5. Australia can do a lot more than simply send explosive charges to France. Australia now has its own 155mm shell manufacturing capability in a new Rheinmetall factory in Queensland. Apparently they are planning on producing 100,000 shell PER YEAR! Australia needs to rapidly step in and order that factory to start running 24/7 – two more shifts – and they should start building the next production unit immediately. If we can supply Ukraine with 250,000 shells in the next year that is about right for the 12th largest military force in the world. Australia is currently running a defence policy focussed on helping America in a war with China. Best thing we can do to avoid that nightmare is to make sure Ukraine defeats Putin. Call your MP now!

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