• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

This footage from the 72nd Separate Mechanised Brigade of Ukraine shows a tank being destroyed with artillery near Vuhledar.


30 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces destroy Russian tank near Vuhledar”
  1. Funny… You only see Ukrainian army destroying Russian military vehicles and Wagner, and soldiers and so on… But you dont get to see the damage the russians are inflicting in the Ukrainian forces… Nooo, thats a no no! Maybe it would demoralize anyone that is buying this one sided war propaganda.

  2. Ukrainian farmers should put magnets on their tractors so that when they go back to farming they could also be in a scrap metal business.

  3. We need to understand that being at the top of the pyramid of creation means that everything we do trickles down the structure, from top to bottom. When it reaches the bottom, the inanimate level of reality, from which everything grows, it changes it. If we ooze ill-will, it creates negative changes throughout the system, which manifest in increasingly extreme climatic and geological events.
    In other words, when human relationships go out of balance, everything goes out of balance. When our relations become extreme, everything becomes extreme; when we become violent, everything becomes violent. Each summer, the ramifications of the linkage between our relations and our world become more extreme, until we acknowledge that everything that exists, exists in a connected, hierarchical system and that whoever is at the top determines the state of the rest of the system.
    It is not as if previously, we were better people than we are today. It is simply that there were fewer people, and therefore fewer elements that exude ill will.
    Also, relationships between people in the past were less toxic than they are today. While there are fewer wars today than ever, the levels of suspicion and alienation between people are skyrocketing, to the point where people can no longer trust their own family members. As a result, wars between countries are rarer than ever, but divorce rates, domestic violence, and violence in the community, are at an all-time high.
    Even the internet, which we invented purportedly in order to connect people, is being used to abuse, deceive, and exploit people. The world-wide-web proves that everything we create, we use against others. When there is such a negative element in a system, and that element is at the top of the system, how can the entire system not go awry?
    Therefore, if we want the weather to cool, the sea-level to drop, and the storms to subside, we must cool the fire and calm the storms between us. Mutual concern, mutual responsibility, or at least the knowledge that we are dependent on each other, are necessary in order to restore balance in our world at all levels, from the ground we walk on to the hatred in our hearts.

  4. This must be a few days old. There aren't any orcs near Vulhedar anymore – they got thrashed and pushed back behind the lake. That's why there was just a himars strike in Mariopol – they were reinforcements to replace the horrendous losses at Vulhedar.

  5. A war ca be completely fought using technology putin can literally sit at his desk and fly drones etc and drop bombs there's no need whatsoever to have troops on the ground they're just cannon fodder

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