• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

War in Ukraine: Russian forces launch wave of attacks in new push to encircle Bakhmut • FRANCE 24

Ukraine has survived the “most difficult winter” in its history in enduring months of Russian strikes on critical infrastructure, the …


18 thoughts on “War in Ukraine: Russian forces launch wave of attacks in new push to encircle Bakhmut • FRANCE 24”
  1. Российский спецназ во вторник провел рейд и уничтожил "ферму адренохрома" недалеко от украинского города Шостка, где зловещие силы пытали похищенных российских детей, чтобы собрать жидкость из их надпочечников, сообщил источник из Мар-а-Лаго, который утверждает, что президент России Владимир Путин проинформировал президента Трампа об операции после того, как Спецназ спас 50 маленьких детей из этой жуткой лаборатории.

  2. China communist will be the big winner in the end!

    – Big project of express railway from China to Bela-Russia has been started by BRICS (part of the 'Silk road' project). Then China could easily manage its empire business with left wings in the heart of Europe!

    Economic cooperation of Corrupted Brazil and South Africa regimes, China communist, Russia, India named "BRICS". They plan to drive away US $ in international trading!

    – – Biden blames Putin for inflation (from %1.6 to over %6), but it's not true. Biden's rescue plan made inflation worse! He raised $4 T to the U.S. national debt over 2 years and made it to $32 T, China's total is $2.8 T!.

    12 countries have a lower inflation rate than the US! China is on top with %1.8!

  3. Les Européens sont pressés dans les tranchées ukrainiennes, de l'Europe de l'Est au Royaume-Uni, Zelensky assurera l'enterrement de tous !!!

  4. En Grande-Bretagne, vous n’entendrez rien du tout sur le conflit ukrainien. Hier, la cabale des patrons des médias a décidé de faire de l’attentat de Manchester (qui a eu lieu il y a 5 ans) le centre de leur créneau d’information. Rien du tout sur l’Ukraine pendant plusieurs jours. Ils ne rapporteront pas de mauvaises nouvelles ; en particulier les protestations contre leurs gouvernements qui encouragent et soutiennent la guerre.

  5. The French need to seriously start in earnest protesting about their government sending weapon to and supporting war in Ukraine. In Britain and most countries the fake news cabal have totally stone walled any reporting any protests. In Britain you won't hear anything at all about the Ukraine conflict. Yesterday the cabal of media bosses decided to make the Manchester bombing (which happened 5 year ago) the center of their news slot. Nothing at all about Ukraine for many days. They won't report bad news ; especially protests against their governments promoting and supporting war.

  6. i would be attacking too, Russian knows what Ukrainian Reinforcements are made up off, little experience, against a veteran force…not hard to calculate the outcome 🙂

  7. Ukraine has lost Bakhmut which is no surprise !Bigger surprise it that the Ukranian bad trained soldiers was not withdrawn ,only the better troops was.That a grim sacrifice of soldiers and a cynical decision !

  8. Just give them what they need to win and push the Russians out they're worried about escalating where you at 40 Country supplying weapons there will not be a nuclear war because of nuclear war cannot be won China will not let it happen the rest of the world will not let it happen they're asking for F-16 Fighters they are highly trained pilots they can learn to fly those jets in two weeks enclose their Skies and in the war

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