• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Dozens Russian Tanks Blow Up by Ukrainian mines near Vuhledar Several Russian tanks were put out of action as they tried to …


29 thoughts on “Dozens Russian Tanks Blow Up by Ukrainian mines near Vuhledar”
  1. The city name is Ugledar. I don't realize why someone call it different. Imagine that someone call London Bendon, that is the level of that stupid mistake. Lost in translation?

  2. Yeah… over decade ago, I talk with one russian guy. He was tank driver in his military service, totally 2 years. 6 month was military excercises. And he drive two (2) times by tank. And his position was driver! Rest 18 mont his duty was take care of farm animald, feed and milk cows. No wonder this is result.

  3. Those Orcs should be helping their own injured comrades. Instead they u-turned and run away. No wonder they are losing the war, men and materials

  4. Shows how poorly trained they are. Time after time, one tank gets blown by a mine, and the guy behind him decides to drive on around instead of someone getting out and checking for tank mines. That's just plain stupid to the nth degree.

  5. Mines, artillery, ATGMs, drones, Ukrainians didnt hesitate to use everything they had.
    I saw video from HQs when this happened, the officers couldnt believe their eyes, when they saw russians were going in colum formation. Will remember one of the guys giving an order to artillery, "Make a cementry there, burn them all" to the rest of my life.

  6. To quote a military expert: This is so amateurish its insane.
    This is something we would expect from a bunch of 15 year old kids doing,not the military.
    Russian leaders are ordering these men without any training out to suicide missions because they have lot of men (canon fodder) and dont care about human lives at all.A sick circus started by a crazy dwarf..

  7. The biggest mystery is why they want more and more weapons from the west, they’re pasting the hell out of the Russians at every corner, according to western media.

  8. You know what would be funny about this video? What if all those russian armoured vehicles were knocked out by mines laid down by russians earlier in the war and they forgot about them? Would not that be a form of Kharma?

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