• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Ukrainian drones drop dozens bombs above 5 Russian Main battle tank in Bakhmut. Video of UAVs from Ukrainian SBU Alpha …


20 thoughts on “Footage Brutal!!! Ukrainian drones drop dozens bombs above 5 Russian Main battle tank in Bakhmut”
  1. Id want to use something like a miniature helicopter drone that could carry heavy mortar rounds or c-4 bombs. Something that could deliver a punch that would blow a tank to small bits. Those little baby drones dont seem to have enough power. Put mini heli drones on your list Zelensky!

  2. Есть «ненавистники», которые отвечали на посты за фарри! Для них мы говорим, подождите, пока не увидите Крым, вырванного от мафиозо, КГБ, олигарха Путина и его жадных сознаний. И все российские граждане, которые получили бесплатное жилье и наличные деньги за кражу других замков народов.
    Yest' «nenavistniki», kotoryye otvechali na posty za farri! Dlya nikh my govorim, podozhdite, poka ne uvidite Krym, vyrvannogo ot mafiozo, KGB, oligarkha Putina i yego zhadnykh soznaniy. I vse rossiyskiye grazhdane, kotoryye poluchili besplatnoye zhil'ye i nalichnyye den'gi za krazhu drugikh zamkov narodov.

  3. Simple and so effective. As a former abrams tanker I am amazed at how they do this. How much do the drones cost ? I always thought and was taught the back of the tank where the exhaust is was the weakest point. Well Done

  4. There is no doubt Ukraine and its drones are doing a great job but exactly what the real affect is remains unknown with these types of videos that repeat the same stuff and replay the same footage from months ago. Rightly or wrongly it looks more like propaganda than meaningful facts, sorry to be blunt but its a fact

  5. Send Ukraine 10,000 drones with night vision, and a bunch of C4 bombs would be more effective than F-16's. Learning to fly a drone is way easier than a jet aircraft.

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