• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

How Russia and Ukraine are struggling to keep up artillery ammunition supplies | DW Analysis

Both Russia and Ukraine have been focusing on long range weapons. Which means finding enough of this has become a major …


40 thoughts on “How Russia and Ukraine are struggling to keep up artillery ammunition supplies | DW Analysis”
  1. What about a war with china or Russian using nuclear weapons in Ukrainian, that means with need more inventory made in America or actually the ammunition is made in china too. 50 millions for Putin dead or alive ASAP, plus 45 millions for Xi dead of alive Now.

  2. Not Russia and Ukraine, it's America and Europe, which ruining Ukraine, and killing innocent humans, the root is in Christianity, upbringing on this base makes man a non-human. Result is weapons test in Ukraine by America and Europe.

  3. The west already saying that Russia has run out of its ammunition since last summer but they keep surprising the west with their abundance of ammunition and missiles.
    The problem for the west in supplying ammunition to the Zelensky regime is western ammunition is far more expensive to produce, store, ship, and maintain for the same type of shells and caliber of rockets compare to Russian ammunition.
    Western ammunition past several supply chains where at each stage of production the price was increased so these chains can make a profit out of one shell and that's even before it was delivered to the military to be stored.
    When the west or the US ship their artillery shells, it follows another chain of "contractors" a process that incurs costs, and that cost adds up to the total delivery price to the western government.
    Even when the ammunition arrives in ukraine, the Zelensky regime is known to add more cost to the package by charging it to the demanded aid that needs to be given to them..this money goes straight to Zelensky's inner circle and the US knows, and even tolerate this too.
    while Russia, their artillery shells and rockets were made by state own company being given a contract at a fixed price and because of Russian military doctrine that put artillery as a very top priority, they have 70 years of experience in supplying, storing, and delivering their ammunition to all their military units.

    Russia might always start its war horribly or close to disaster but its supply chain never wavers to supply even under this huge pressure.

  4. They're struggling because they're firing blindly, wasting millions of shells. Instead of firing 100,000 artillery shells into space and hitting nothing, they can just launch a cruise missile and accurately hit the target.

  5. This will lead to disaster. China knows who is next if Russia falls. And their production capacity is also very high at a much lower cost.
    More artillery will only make this war bigger and more deadly.
    At least some can make great profits during the process. These profits eventually will be paid by small tax payers and in a form of collapsing industries. Europe is dumb.

  6. Ukraine is done! Kiev has wasted the entire NATO stock. Now the Western mob-syndromes has just discovered theyve lost. Russia is ready for them all. They laughed at Russia early last year and now they are not laughing again.

  7. Let the numbers sink in Russian have ten time more artillery than Ukraine and expends 10 times the ammunition and West Run out of ammo and now their production matches their expenditures. They can march all the way to Kiev and than Liviv.

  8. So basically ukraine doesnt have the ability to get ammo for their big guns. Even worst they can only be supplied new nato ammo making their soviet big guns useless. Wouldn't be surprise if Russia wins this attrition war.

  9. Slava UKRAINE
    Long live for Taiwan independent
    Taiwan is not the Republic of China(ROC) Don't trust KMT

    never forget 228 Incident
    never forget 228 Incident
    never forget 228 Incident

  10. There are many European ammunition factories, so why aren´t they producing at full speed, easy, because the different Governments including Germany are not signing contracts for ammunition and without signed contracts no company is going to produce expensive ammunitions!
    Somebody has to take the lead as tanks will be sent but their ammunition needs are going to be huge soon, and some really high tech weaponry take weeks to make.
    This War will not stop should ammunition run out, they will fix bayonets and charge at each other with even trenching tools, this has happened before, it doesn´t stop the killing.

  11. No one in EU or US is interested in taking any peace innitiative. How many years they are going to fight? How many deaths is enough for the world to finally say enough is enough. We are really sick of this war now. Heartbreaking to see the lives of innocent people are taken hostage by global politics. This war needs to end. As G20 chair India can take an innitiative.

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  13. Artillary weapons have always been the gods of war because they can achieve further distance with higher damage. The best method to counter it is get close as possible and try to fight the enemy with light weapons. This is a technique used by the pla army during the korean war.

  14. Lol. Well duh!!! 5000 shells per day is far in excess of 20k a month…. iow, the west has been overselling its own capacity for 12 months, and now needs further sacrifices by taxpayers. That is fine, but why can't politicians and media be explicit? We are covered by so much BS.

  15. 3000 shells a day will be produced in the USA this year. If we to that add the production capability of other western nations the production will be close to 6000 a day this year. If the western world goes over to 7/24 production this year production will go up to 20 000 shells a day. Such a use of amunition is needed to force Russia to leave Ukraine. A production of 10 000 shells a day will stop Russia from taking more land in Ukraine.

  16. UK has sent more than10,000 anti-tank weapons 5,000 of whom are next generation light anti-tank weapons NLAW
    The U.S. has provided over 8,500 Javelin surface-to-air missiles.
    In Total western country's send 35.000 anti tank systems.
    Including systems engaged by RPG 7. Mine and Artillery strikes Russia lost roughly 6000 armored vehicles.
    In the best calculation possible NATO one shoot kill NLAW type weapons have a 1 in 5 shoot kill ratio.

  17. Poor Zelensky is sad because he can't kill enough Russians with the billions of our tax money he begged for and received from our own corrupt officials all accross the west.

  18. But NATO shells have a 10 metre accuracy rating…meaning they hit the target almost every time they shoot. russian artillery accuracy is about 400 metres, meaning they miss most of the time. russia fires millions of rounds trying to flatten a town, wile Ukraine only has to fire hundreds of rounds to take out those artillery batteries with counter battery fire. So western ammo wins even with 1/100th the amount of shells fired. Also, ukraine has 40 million pairs of eyes in their country telling ukraines where all the troops and equipment is moving as it goes by. Ukraine also has millions of drones with GPS tracking and western satellites giving precise coordinates for GPS controlled artillery increasing ukraines hit and kill ratio to almost 100%….while russia still carpet bombs areas hoping for a single hit.

  19. The West can easily outproduce Russia long term, but only long term. Short term, the western ammunition stocks are running low. The Bundeswehr a.e. reported to have only ammunition left for two days of fighting in case it needed to fight. Mid term the production of ammunition is already being ramped up to war scale in Russia, while it’s uncertain when such a ramp up will start in the West.
    The Russians attempted a fast and decisive “special military operation” at the beginning. The Ukrainians turned that into a real war, which the Russians were not prepared for. More recently, the Russians turned the war into a war of attrition, something the West are not prepared for. Small elite armies with elite equipment are what western countries are doing for decades already, these armies lack the mass for a prolonged war of attrition. And they lack the big stocks of equipment and ammunition to support the Ukraine in such a war. So now it would be time for the Ukrainians to change the nature of this conflict again, from a war of attrition into something else – because if they don’t, they are likely to lose the war of attrition.

  20. We need to stop escalating and start to negotiate. Admit we, western have also our fault and build a future of peace and prosperity for everyone. We're all losing there is no winners in this war.

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