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Inside a prisoner of war camp for Russians in Ukraine – BBC News


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Ukraine and Russia have been cooperating with prisoner of war exchanges despite the continuing war. Kyiv said this month it had …


27 thoughts on “Inside a prisoner of war camp for Russians in Ukraine – BBC News”
  1. What I would like to see is the UK allowing all Russian POW to move to the UK and live in temporary amnesty. Pay them a £1000 per month to do jobs in the UK such as working on the railways etc. I think this would lead to a massive surrender of Russian troops to Ukrainian forces. we could take 100,000 Russian soldiers who would be told that if they misbehave, they would be moved to harsher condition without payment. Don't allow family visits for them but allow them to communicate with Russians via social media. This is a pacifist's way of ending the war.

  2. Whilst foreign news are coming, and these soldiers told to be "valueable" they still are treated horribly despite all of this. Imagine if the cameras were off, and they weren't doing prisoner swaps, all of them would be in mass graves, all pale , eating one meal a day and working as slaves the whole day, so much Geneva conventions broken, and then also filmed without permission. Look at russian prisoner of war camps, they look like entire different worlds with heating

  3. my respect for ukraine has grown although i think they should stop the war doesnt matter how much land they give up the real war starts when taiwan is invaded

  4. In this war, I don't know how the West and NATO will ever be able to maintain peace for Ukraine on a long term basis. NATO and the West will not want to strike at the heart of Russia and destroy it's military. Perhaps if NATO seals the cracks in the sanctions they can temporarily hurt Russia enough for Russia to give up the fight and retreat back to Russia, but Russia will still have its Nuclear capabilities, and eventually they will come back economically and militarily, and attack or invade Ukraine again if perhaps 30 to 50 years. Putin, along with his huge propaganda campaign has now brainwashed many many Russians (including young Russians) into hating the West, NATO, and Ukraine. I hope the West and NATO has an extremely long term plan that spans over several decades at least to contain Russia and perhaps reeducate Russian society to become a peaceful society. These long term plans will almost be like a century long game of chess. If those long term plans are not being devised, then I believe the West can not be victorious in creating long term peace.

  5. Such a horrible way to live in a prisoner of war camp, no matter how you cut it I guess. These prisoners are supposedly being treated better than the prisoners in Russian Prisons supposedly. It seems that Putin is cutting down on Russia's expenses by sending out Russian Prisoners from Russian Prisons to fight on the front lines in Ukraine. Russia will soon be short on Russian prisoners maybe.

  6. Russia smart hahhahah sending all garbage prisoners to Ukraine so ukriane can clean their garbage and I suggested Ukraine all that garbage put on border with Russia and bring trump to dump cement on them so they can make wall

  7. just give the Orcs a damp cave & they will be happy!

    …..they should NOT be allowed to stay anonymous or hide their faces, the whole world needs to know who they are!

  8. "This looks more like re-education …" Why is BBC is so full of it?!
    These Russian POWs are bunch of thugs, murderers, rapists, etc. who have no ethics and/or morality. Most
    are "contractors" who are promised to make several times of their usual income (e.g., 300K vs 30K rubles). There
    is absolutely no way to "re-educate" these POWs who are in Ukraine to make money by killing innocent people.
    Here is a Youtube link on the coverage of that POW camp by Lviv Media:

  9. Not really re-education in the sense many would think. They are just showing how Ukraine DOES have history and is a real country and culture. Putin claims Ukraine isn't even a country. They are being shown the truth. We did that with the Nazi POWs too. We showed them how their propaganda had lied to them and why their ideals were wrong

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