• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

THE SUN has joined brave Ukrainian forces fighting for their country in WW1-style trenches amid fierce fighting with Putin’s …


30 thoughts on “The Sun's Defence Editor sees trench warfare first-hand as Ukraine defends Bakhmut”
  1. russia has 4000,000 pieces of armor..the only armor losses was Ukrainian..given the had 3000 at the start then had to replace them with x-soviet stuff which is all gone and now NATO stuff.

  2. Thank You guys. We will keep supporting You in your fight for your country. We're trying to get the jet fighters your president has ask for. Until then use our American weapons with our blessings. Viva Ukraine

  3. Donbass was never Ukraine. Was a communist gift and part of Ukraine for 20 years. You were killing them since 2014, that's 9 years and counting they will never be part of Ukraine. Go home while you still alive NATO shills.

  4. Zlensky don't allow anyone to leave Bakhmut, he wants them to die there.

    Biden to Zelenzky: Hey, my little puppet, keep sending your boys to death for our (USA) proxy war with Russia; never seek any diplomacy till the last Ukrainian is dead!

  5. So this editor are pritty brave himself. as he do this for work not for defend his freedom.. any case, its brave go there …hell on earth hotspot..

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  7. You know, the major drawback for using tanks as artillery is you would pretty much have to catch the enemy out in the open to be effective. True artillery has a steep trajectory that allows it to potentially drop into trenches and foxholes. Especially Mortars. The shrapnel spread from a tank is primarily going to push forward. Artillery and mortars spread out and up. Better than nothing I guess. But true story.

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