• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

This footage released by the 128th Battalion and the 112th Brigade of the Territorial Defence Forces of Ukraine destroys a …


34 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery air reconnaissance unit destroys Russian positions”
  1. Wahnsinn, der Russe wurde direkt von einer Granate getroffen, tut mir ehrlich gar nicht leid, als die Russen als freiwillige in Bosnien an der Seite der Genoziden Serben gekämpft haben wurden die selben gräulichen Taten gemacht. Ich kann mich genau noch daran erinnern wie mein Onkel die Fleischreste seiner Tochter, meiner Cousine von der Wand runtergenommen hat, eine Granate ist duch das Fenster reingeflogen und hat meine Cousine direkt getroffen. Ein Trauma fürs Leben, Sie wurde leider nur 7 Jahre alt.

  2. War is an awful thing. That guy is still alive but won't ever be able to walk the same, if at all. Stupid Putin. May he suffer a lot of bad karma in the next life.

  3. Putin's barbaric orcs are dying for nothing. Well, it is their choice. Everyone, from now on remember to despise loudly and publicly Russians where ever you encounter them. They need to learn that they are to blame, they ARE NOT victims. Slava Ukraini!

  4. You watch, you watch these one-sided videos (but the second side is not published) and a false illusion of a Ukrainian victory is created. But then you remember how Zelensky is begging for equipment in all countries, that they are suffering enormous losses in people, in the supplied Western equipment, how they forcibly mobilize people from the streets, how all men are fleeing from Ukraine (a ban on leaving over 17 years old has been introduced), you remember that there are no advances, there are no strategic or tactical successes, Russians are moving forward every day, and so on. The question arises, if Ukraine loses by doing everything on the video and there are no victories, then what are the Russians doing with them (which is not published by Western censorship), apparently it is more powerful than what is on the video!

  5. It was interesting to see how they reacted to getting ambushed. The armoured vehicles could have supplied the dismounted troops some sort of cover but they all seemed to just panick and drive off. I honestly thought that the Russians were better trained than this.

  6. hope russia wins soon, this disgusting american proxy war has gone on too long. shame on you cowardly ukraine. cant even defend your country with your own means. pathetic

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