• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UKRAINIAN artillery destroy Russian soldiers hiding in dugouts and buildings. In this dramatic footage, a huge blast hits a …


40 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroy Russian soldiers hiding in dugouts and buildings”
  1. これは大東亜戦争末期の日本軍じゃないか。putinが狂って核を落とす。民主国家側はロシア帝国を永久に経済封鎖。ロシア帝国は多数の小国家に分裂。核を持つ多数の北になる。

  2. Good job targeting those russia idiots. but i feel bad for those Ukraines homes being destroyed. russia sure are frigging cowards. Ukraine will win!!! Love from Minnesota USA.

  3. It is a fact that Russian tactics rely heavily on the tradition of employing intensive artillery and rocket attacks on opposing forces. So the reality of this Russian invasion is that the defenders of Ukraine are sustaining this same form of mechanized butchery.

  4. Families and people's lives destroyed by following orders from leaders living comfortable, hate between people that may be good friends in different circumstances. War is feeding by hate and destruction. So Sad..

  5. Russia is punishing the illegal Kiev regime, set up by the American politicians (Obama, Biden, Nuland, etc.) through the bloody coup and with the US budget money in 2014, for killing and shelling of the children, women, the old and the freedom fighters of Donbass. They had the right not to recognise the illegal people from the streets. Any person has this right by birth.

  6. When Putin said this is modern warfare he had no match, and Yes
    When other countries send there weapons for testing,
    Poor souls and brutal..

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