• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Ukrainian servicemen fired a German-made PzH 2000 howitzer at Russian positions on Wednesday (January 11) near Soledar.


38 thoughts on “Ukrainian military near Soledar battlefield fire German-made howitzer at Russian positions”
  1. My favourite german weapon, great to see the ukrainians using it & liking it so much. Also fastest rate of fire is 3 rounds in 10 secs, these guys did it in 12, good job!

  2. Deutsche Wertarbeit. Gute Gelingen dem Russen Respekt, Demut und das Streben nach Frieden zu vermitteln . Für eine unabhängige Besatzungsfreie Ukraine!

  3. Using the gun´s computer and loading quickly you can put four shells in the air and it lets them all land on the same target at the same time, really have to pity somebody on the other side of that weapon!
    But, it is War. 🙁

  4. The real deal isn't to bring this combat systems to UA, but to help with the logistics with the sweet spot balance to not being involved as active war party. Germany build and maintain an logistics hub in the Czech Republic for PzH 2000. I guess it will make a similar op for the Leo 2.

  5. Я так понимаю это испытатели?Блядь почему на моей земле?В Германии можно проверить как дома разрушаются люди умирают.Нет желания?

  6. An der PzH 2000 ist auch einer der großen Unterschiede zu anderen Haubitzen ist, man kann mit ihr "über die Kette" schießen, dadurch kann man mit ihr sehr schnell in Stellung gehen, Feueraufträge abarbeiten und z.B. im Falle einer Offensive auch recht aktiv mit der Front vorrücken und Feuerunterstützung leisten.

  7. Why they (Germany and Europe) support the Ukrainian Army?
    They should better try to bring the opponents on the green table for speaking.
    War is never a good thing.

  8. You see the barrel depressing a bit after each shot in that first sequence? That's MRSI — Multiple Rounds, Simultaneous Impact. Those rounds will impact at more or less the same moment on the target. Kiss your arse goodbye, orks.

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