• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

A viral video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky takes his remarks out of context to wrongly make it sound like he …


35 thoughts on “19-second video of Zelensky goes viral. See what was edited out”
  1. Conservatives are pro-Invasion. They wasn't against invading Iraq, invading Afghanistan, now when Russia invaded Ukraine, they suddenly don't want to spend money of taxpayers.

  2. Republicans again and Mike lee now he is a traitor and a racist republicans voters do not TRUST Mike lee bad man. Its all about him.

  3. But what he said makes sense, if Ukraine unites with Russia to fight nato, the US will have no other chose but to send the troops and trust me, Russia is very strong some US troops will die for sure

  4. Why is Google strong-armed by the US government banning the Russia Today channel? Let Americans make their own analysis and decisions. Do you really think the US-backed news channels are not all propaganda? We don't need the US government to think for us!
    Where are we living ? In North Korea? In China? Our US government has to filter news for us?
    I want to hear all sides of the story with critical comments by average citizens – not what my government just wants me to hear.

  5. Everyone linked to editing and spreading that video needs to be charged with a war crime. Lives are on the line and they make a mockery of truth to support their agenda.

  6. Americans should go and fight and get their money back as the U.S. government has bailed out Zelensky but they won't bail out those who live in East Palestine.

  7. He is currently one of the worlds greatest criminal actors. He is a phony president put into power by globalist. Zelenski is a complete looser… wake up. A complete criminal. Russia did not start the conflict! It’s all a staged game.

  8. Wow, never see CNN clarify this on China. Its good they did it on Ukraine, but it is because of it the fact or being double standard? We hope news media is unbias and be use as political tool.

  9. You mean like how all the liberals and conservatives do Andrew Tate ? Tate is the most taken out of context man alive , people take obvious jokes and sarcasm literally. The machete clip been taken out of context by the media. They only care about context when it's someone they like.

  10. To young people here: do not watch shorts if it's for serious things.
    Watch them if you want to see a Simpson episode or Gordon Ramsey screaming at someone, not for politics or war news.

  11. Stupid jew we need better "propaganda" I. The west, for people to learn and understand, also stupid and ungrateful westerners here who don't understand, World history. Or even appreciate the freedom we have here

    Which was also saved my millions of russian and Ukrainians, same thing

  12. Zelenskyy is a dumb jew because, he is lucky to be alive
    Sind only 1 out of 4 of his grandfather's survived the world War 2 and they saved jews, so he is lucky
    Even to be alive because those names would have killed
    Even his grandmother, like they almost did to mine who. Is from Ukraine or Russia
    I Am born in Canada so I am lucky.
    Who do I have to thank the 38,000 Canadians who died in world War 2
    Or the 25 to 30 million of Russians and Ukrainians (russians) who died, to help save all of us. Every "N^@%r," (explicit) jew or descendent of someone who is lucky to have survived, thanks to millions of Russians, 38000 of Canadians who died so they can survive and live. So zelenskyh is a jew lucky to be alive, who couldn't even speak Ukrainian until he was elected who is actually a russian, to read a whole sorry nation of stupid enough Ukrainians who even though they are lucky to be alive a descendant. Not have to go thru worse War like their. Grandparents and great grandparents before who either died or. Survived a lifetime bit in jail after returning from war prison. Be led by zelensky a jew who supports right wing stupid Azov military who hhlas a part nazi symbol, dumb fuckin idiots

    Only to waste Canadian taxpayer dollars and Americans to support them only. To fight against their own people who they never should have disrespected! Or become stupid enough to allow a hatred to grow shame on all. These stupid Ukrainians and ignorant westerners also who have to thanks Russians and their grandparents and great grandparents who had to suffer from war

    Just for some western dollars and. Guns bought by our stupid government who wastes our money

    Why for more bombs to go to Russia and Ukraine as if not enough have been dropped there already and millions of people who died
    Who saved us all
    To send more grief for their ancestors
    Because actually they're stupid , or believe in dumb ungrateful Jew like Zelenskyy

    Who couldn't even speak Ukrainians, and. Cause more problems then need to be for what

    Get his own country ruined as if they have to something to fight for
    And waste our dollars in the west. If u. Want to be free and you are Ukrainian. Move west if u don't like east but don't be dumb enough to fight against your own

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