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Historian predicts how Russia's war in Ukraine could end


Mar 11, 2023

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its second year, war historian and University of Rochester professor Hein Goemans paints …


46 thoughts on “Historian predicts how Russia's war in Ukraine could end”
  1. It is the motor manufacturing industry that we too much believed last economic cycle (from 2008' crisis to early 2020's new one, 12 years of a hell).
    ..the EU-US-Worldwide motor manufacturing industry is huge that it touches on SpaceX with Musk.
    Haven't seen so many expensive motorbikes ever in my life before 2008 when I was younger. Not to mention Tesla's/SpaceX's success.. and F1's involvement in BLM propaganda.. and smartphone carclips phone holders?

    ..without it we wouldn't be on this sick "war anniversary".
    Instead we have to watch this sort of images and words broadcasted internationally.

  2. You are delusional sir, and you certainly don't deserve to be an expert on CNN. Simply rename Nato not have it directed against Russia and make new mutual security treaties. Russia already asked for Nato to be reimagined with a different name not pointed against Russia. The US insane insistence on it is what caused almost the only two conflicts has had. 2014?? Russia can't be trusted because of Crimea? Crimea was in russia for 200 years! it was transferred as a gift when it was under Russia's control, they didn't mean to give it away. Of course you don't even care the people in Crimea want to be in RUssia and voted for their independence from Ukraine in a legal vote in 1991. I doubt you even know that!! Historian my ass. Any historian would know that this war was provoked by Zelensky parading Nato weapons in the Black Sea in 2021 and Nato expanding after promising not to.. and YES they did or did that skip your piercing historic gaze as well. Grow some integrity and just say US wants to take over the world with their geopolitical influence at all costs and cut it short.

  3. NEGOTIATIONS NOW GENIUSES> do you WANT global war????? IT will make TERRORISM in the US think of your FAMILIES for god's sake. I know it's great for your NEWS STATION and Weapons manufacturers and US expansion but yah.. Us involvement in the region started this trajectory. Ukraine INSISTING on not giving people that WANTED THEIR INDEPENDENCE due to a ILLEGAL OVERTHROW that were PROMISED it in Minsk 2 that was NOT enacted by UKRAINE. and Zelensky INSISTING for Crimea (parading weapons around it in SUMMER 2021 then a GLOBAL conference on taking it BACK..!! What do you think cuased the war!! ?? REPORT ON THAT THat is the CAUSE of the war who was a part of Russia and given as a token gift when it wasn't even a separate country .THIS IS insane and ya'll are being brainwashed because these washington clowns want to rule the world.

  4. The best outcome is removal of putin from power (i.e. getting killed) and Ukraine joining NATO and EU which is what they want. We let him bully the West for way too long. Russia will never be democratic, they decided it long time ago. They had one chance under Yeltshin and they rejected it, but they will at least stay put as world loser retards brezniev style if we push on them and they choose a status quo to survive and live under this type of leader instead of promoting their imperialist policies that hurt their neighbors. Russia only understands, respects and fears power. Whether it is tsars, soviets or putin. Give them power and hell and they will back down to their sh!thole.

  5. If I was the leader of Ukraine I would give up some areas in the east that cares about that little piece of land as long as he gets a guarantee, that Ukraine can join NATO.and you know Putin or Russia will never attack again.

  6. Vietnam war also last longer than expected…US..wanting to be the World Leader…but lost to Vietnamese farmers…even with carpet bombing..napalm…
    US finally got kicked out

  7. Russia seize krimea. Russia seize large areas from ukraine. All the signs of war was in there air for long time and ukraine didnt do much to update their military. And now west thinks them as heroes.

  8. It looks like Putin is willing to do whatever it takes to Destroy Ukraine, provided Putin does not run out of Ammo and Men to throw into the War.

    Ukraine is going to be turned into a vast Wasteland if he has his way.

  9. US and NATO , miscalculated dearly with their action in Ukraine, the longer this invasion drags the more Ukraine will suffer , so tired of the west propagandist saying that Ukraine has a chance to win (they have their hands full with only The Wagner group and artillery support from The Russian Military), they running out of ammo and running out of professional soldiers, and now with China providing Russia with more weapons , and strengthening their relationships in Asia and the middle east and investigations showing sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline by the west will leave NATO in shambles, the world is waking up

  10. Why do all these comments the same? Every comment is basically praising the historian, or asking him to come back. It almost seems like there's allot of bots in the comment section. I find this same issue on allot of CNN's videos.

  11. I'm not a Historian being on CNN paid rolls to deceive the American people With lies by promoting Zionist all over the world ! Russia cannot lose the war against NATO and the USA in Ukraine because India and China won't aloud that from happening Making the USA the only Super Power in the world for the next 50 years!

  12. I read with interest the 'Book of the Week' article in today's British Daily Mail. It was the book by Anatoli Kuznetsoz, originally published in 1961, entitled Babi Yar: The Story of Ukraine's Holocaust. It has now been republished. Some of the content was not just quite horrendous but the most devilish treatment of Jews in Ukraine during WWII. I'll spare you the details. But as I was reading Tony Rennell's illuminating account of the book's contents, much of it about the way Hitler treated the Jews, I couldn't help comparing him to this new fiendish and crazed dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Hitler never won WWII and Putin will not win this war in Ukraine. Hitler eventually committed suicide. Putin? I can see someone putting a bullet in his head! An evil b*stard!

  13. The belief that peace in Ukraine means Putin's death seems strange to me. Why?
    The absolute majority of Russians trust Putin as commander-in-chief in war conditions. And the same majority will be grateful to Putin. when the hostilities end in peace, one way or another beneficial for Russia. To what extent profitable – it does not matter.
    Moreover, I am convinced that Putin will not go to the next presidential election. He is not made of any super material, he is an ordinary person, and by the age of 70 he was tired of his work. Putin once said that as soon as he became president, he immediately began to think about his successor, to look for him.
    In 2020, he found him, this is Mikhail Mishustin. I can't say exactly what qualities Putin chose Mishustin for, but apparently they are there. Putin will not share specifics about such things with anyone.
    I am a prophet, I have several times expressed thoughts about politics that seemed ridiculous and naive to others. And then they came true! Listen to the prophecy.
    In 2024, another president will be elected instead of Putin: Mishustin. At the same time, Russia's policy may somehow change in details, but nothing will change in fundamental things. Putin likes to drive a car, an airplane and everything else, Mishustin loves children. Putin is poorly versed in IT technologies, Mishustin is an excellent specialist in this. Putin is a good speaker, Mishustin often says deep things, but not very clear to people. Who knows. what will change and how?
    Putin will retire from active activity, become chairman of the Security Council or something like that. With the right to change power in case the events do not go in detail, but in global things go wrong. He will be left with residences in the Moscow region and on the shore of the Black Sea, he will be served and guarded there by a sufficient number of people – in general, he will have a calm, prosperous old age. Like Yeltsin, like Nazarbayev. The replacement does not touch his predecessor. waiting. that they would do the same to him.

  14. Putin won't get killed, he'll become a martyr and the war may escalate even more.
    The sanctions were a bit of hope, but unfortunately they dont work… the Western companies simply renamed their local dealerships and kept operating…

  15. Oh well.. this unfortunately is largely paradoxical for common people, for global public opinion.
    Basically the Anglos became underdogs to German and Italian, bigger dogs, only by the scientific revolt in Europe (late 1700s).
    And WW2 then removed the latter, warranting the Anglo-(Americans) prime authority: thus we think of Anglo-Americans as old (as 1800s) democratic states.. yet as "puppy authorities".

    Clearly to watch this video makes me think mainstream and acceptable views on reality are shaped by literally gaming conscience on a mass scale from the above, because the situation is all too contradicting to the naked eye.
    Indeed, I tend to believe it is all simply about generations born from parents under 80, who were not around during 1930s-1940s, that do not understand WW2 the crazy and catastrophic event which happened to match German imperialism and Atlantic (headed by Nazis and Anglos, respectively). In retrospective, really Adolf Hitler is collectively regarded now as a psychopathic leader, while Churchill and Eisenhower almost as physicians of world diplomacy.
    However, we infer also and not wrongfully, that since 19th's century's British surge to power, these have rather always been regarded as underdogs in the imperial, "authority sphere": the Germans (throughout Austria and Poland too, by the way) and the Mediterranean countries of Europe were the actual heavyweight champions of "imperial authority" (for caucasians, white people), so to speak.
    The Atlantic states (high British, middle French, low Iberian) instead were almost lacking an empire of their own, for most centuries before the scientific revolt.

  16. I went to that shitty university and it's symptomatic of how awful an education one receives there for this moron to think the war will end with Ukrainia being in existence.

  17. Here's the actual reality how the War in Ukraine ends: Ukrainia will no longer exist, nor will OTAN.
    In other words, the only way it can end is for Pappa-Poot to utterly and completely defeet the West.
    That said, it's unlikely it will ever end, as few wars have ever ended. FFS, the Mongol-Turk is still at war with China. The Palestinian and Jew. You name the ethnicity and you will find they are at war with the same foe they have been at war with for millennia.

  18. He is not all together accurate with his statement. Germany was pretty much wiped out militarily in WW2 it was so bad that they had to use 8 year old boys and 60+ year old men to fight. He is a historian? I dunno

  19. I'm always impressed how biased CNN is. Every word that comes out of the mouths of their reporters are crafted to push the desired narrative. Pretty disgusting, as they really don't honestly report news.

  20. UKRAINIANS UNDER THE RUSSIAN BOOT – US local interest is different from Europe's.
    Europe should go back to everyday business with Russia.
    Europe needs good relations with Russia and not with her Belarus and Ukrainian minorities !
    PS. They are animals and leave host apartments dirty and devastated, even MALICIOUSLY when must move out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Russia doesnt want a Nato alliance on their front door step in Ukraine just as we dont want russian missiles in Cuba. Until that is sorted out Russia will not stop.

  22. Zelensky killed approximately 14,000 Ukrainian Russians for not buying into his ways. The worst thing that has happened in all of this was Nato backing Ukraine instead of forcing them to negotiation with Russia. This is the second war USA under Biden has completely failed at!

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