• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Instead of a frontal assault north of Bakhmut, Ukrainian troops cut through the entire grouping of Wagner Russian PMC units.


31 thoughts on “Horrible Footage !! Ukraine ambushes & destroys entire group of Wagner Russian PMC units”
  1. A disclaimer said "pull your breath first". Did you mean to say, "hold your breath first"? Either way, pull or hold your breath for what? What's so violent about this? Why do you people always post boring combat footage, (soldiers running around the woods shooting or men firing off artillery pieces) and say it's "brutal" combat btwn. Ukrainian & Russian soldiers
    then the video is of what I just said, nothing brutal, just dudes shooting rifles in the forest.

  2. кулаки схрещені за вас….нехай Бог вас береже. Молюсь за вас кожен день… слава Україні!!!!!!!

  3. Brothers fight each other because of a crazy old man that kisses the belly of a littel boy .. all the lifes that putin destroyed… he will meet all victims soon infront of a higher court… he will meet them all then

  4. All I see are mostly Russian soldiers and a few Ukrainians killed, how odd that Bakhmut is controlled by Ukrainians and yet they are surrounded on a cauldron with 10k Uko soldiers trapped ?? This channel is misinformation – LOL

  5. No one knows what is going on, except for people in power who have sat's.

    The quicker this ends the better, for all!

    Additionally, this is BS click bait by a low level youtube moron wanting clicks with a text to speech. Additionally steals others footage. Mor0n

  6. That’s a good idea, send out videos saying we’re low on ammo, artillery, and men…(when you are not) and entice the other side to attack…then obliterate them…

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