• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

HOWITZER in Ukraine. JUST 90 seconds to get out… #shorts #warinukraine #howitzer

shorts #Ukraine #weapons #warinukraine #howitzer.


19 thoughts on “HOWITZER in Ukraine. JUST 90 seconds to get out… #shorts #warinukraine #howitzer”
  1. This is my opinion)
    You need 10 or more soldier to operate that Shit of technology, it i's manual, Analog technology, an idot
    vs automatic weapons of Russian, that can operate three soldiers…Wow praises

  2. so u do it in 70 sec and still losing the cities and the lands and cant even push the russian out ? omg 😀 russia proved that they are mighty power Keep shown us these videos so we can appreciate how russian force make you look like a joke

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