• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

GoPro video of intense fight by ukrainians. GoPro helmet camera footage. Ukrainians are fighting for the piece of their land.


15 thoughts on “Ukraine War. 15 Minutes of Intense Fight. POV of Ukrainian Soldier. GoPro Helmet Footage”
  1. Just wanna say some words to y'all guys:
    It isn't a computer game, It's real life, real fokin' war guys, cmon… A random bullet can delete you in a second, everything is flying above your head, u cannot just stand up and go like an idiot or smth, random missile can be the last one that you gonna see, and the other things that I don't even wanna talk about and explain…
    I'm not a professional soldier or smth… I have dropped this video for people, who just wanna see what is actually war and how it goes, what it looks actually like, ok?
    Also, thanks everybody who types some good comms, it gives pretty cool motivations for me and ma boiz 🙂
    And again, I'm actually disappointed in people, who type some garbage while sitting home and don't even know what a war actually is (-_-)

  2. Tell your squad leader you need more magazines. Watching you thumb in rounds with an unloaded rifle was terrifying. Stay safe, but give them hell.

  3. It's a sad thing that people are forced to murder others even not recognize. It will be absurd if you are told to shoot strangers in the market, but this turned normal when it happens in war. As my point of view, they are no difference.

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