• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian artillery blows up Russian hide out filled with soldiers. In this dramatic footage, multiple Russian soldiers with …


33 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery blows up Russian hide out filled with soldiers”
  1. I don't want to believe what I read about how warmongering and bloodthirsty people can become when they enjoy and rejoice in watching the bitter death of their fellow human beings.

    There has never been a good war, just as there has never been a bad peace, but the inhumanity is always the same.


  3. Hahaha you're all Democrat Pawns in the Joe Biden Democrat Obama scheme why did the camera view change when the artillery shells started Landing? All these videos are all the same that camera views always up above it watching the troops go in and then when the round start coming in the cameras way off to the side. It's funny how nobody questions that accept me with the person with intelligence. Have you ever stopped to think this is part of the scheme to take away all of our tax dollars and give it away in so it gets kicked back to all these governments those are paid actors that run into that building on the camera and then later on when everybody is out of the way then they have the camera off of the side and launch the artillery at it think about that that's exactly what's going on it's a big money grab all this money they're sending over there from our tax dollars is getting kicked back to our government and all those foreign governments it's a massive destruction of the world and take over is all it is

  4. I pray for the souls of both Ukrainian and Russian soldiers. Most of These Russians were mostly forced by the circumstances. Besides they will still face the ultimate judgment of whatever they have done. Slava ukraini

  5. Surrender yourselves to the Russians
    Only death awaits you
    You will not see your family after today
    Don't fight for a handful of thieves
    Do not fight for the agents of America and NATO who have made themselves rats of NATO
    Do not fight for those who ask for weapons for you and then steal them and sell them on the black market
    Do not lose your life for nothing in a losing war
    Do not fight for America, which wants you to fight until the last soldier, with the aim of depleting the capabilities of the Russians
    You are fighting for America and NATO
    Do not believe the Western media, which portrays you that all victories are for the Ukrainian army
    If you watch the neutral media, you will see that Zelensky, the servant of America, is sending you to commit suicide
    I will give you one channel and you will see how the Ukrainian soldiers go to their death for free and kill while they are hiding and they do nothing because they have nothing because all the weapons are sold on the black market from the Zelensky gang

  6. Why am I always astounded by the number of facile comments made by low empathy, low IQ twerps who do not begin to appreciate how the accident of when and where one is born and raised can result in an appalling, premature death? Many of the soldiers killed will have been there unwillingly. Many will have been brainwashed. Some will have been desperately trying to escape horrible civilian lives, or make a "fresh start" in the army. A few may have believed they were fighting for good. If you hold any strong religious conviction, you are brainwashed. If you are a strong flag-waving patriot, believing in the superiority of your nation and/or people, you are brainwashed. Respect for others on the basis of our common humanity should take precedence over all else. Wars are started by low IQ, low empathy flag-waving twerps such as Vladimir Putin, and yobs who rejoice in witnessing killing, and writing inane celebratory comments. Sadly, probably due to the MAOA-L gene, there is a strong association between the tendencies that lead to war, and the male gender. A big majority of the unfeeling, brutish comments will have been written by males, with a preponderance of younger males. War is a tragedy that bears testimony to the infantile manner in which our species handles politics, and the permission we grant to pathetically intellectually and emotionally stunted individuals such as Vladimir Putin, to lead us.

  7. Way to go..Nobody in the civilized world gives a damn about those russian soldiers..Putin doesnt care,he will keep sending new canon food.This misery will only end when Putin gets blown up.Bless the Ukraine

  8. Those poor b@rst@rds – involved in a war just to get out of prison, brainwashed by their leader, denied the basics of life – sent to be canon fodder. Russia you need to care about your people and stop sending them to execute Putin's agenda.

  9. It would be disturbing IF the soviets were being killed in russia but since they ARE THE INVADERS AND ARE BEING KILLED IN THE UKRAINE it is of no consequence…..all they need to do is go home….they must know by now that they were lied to by Vladolf Putler and his oligarch henchmen.

  10. I like how the guys from the Sun show any unknown, unproven video as Russians destroyed)) Good job, very professional) unbiased attitude!) Pecunia non olet)

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