• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

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26 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldiers did not give a chance to Russians in destroyed houses – Infantry attack”
  1. I remember that when the war first started and people were able to talk to the villagers who were liberated and ask how the Russian soldiers behaved; they answered that many of the Russian soldiers were amazed the small country houses had gas and electricity. The average Russian is poor as hell.

  2. Your videos are a constant mush-mash of confusing crap that makes no sense. I’m just glad you put your logo on the vids so I know to skip past them.

  3. This type of warfare requires a helmet color that can be seen from above friend and enemy goods.
    Этот вид ведения войны требует такого цвета шлема, чтобы было видно сверху товар друга и врага.

  4. These animals don't deserve a second of mercy!! They deserve all the terrible things that happen to them!! I hope that their parents suffer as well, never knowing what happened to their animal children!!

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