• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Ukrainians Face Off Against Russians in Haunting Trench Battle POV: The Trench from Hell

In this harrowing battle, Ukrainian soldiers face off against Russian troops in a heated trench battle. As the Russians attack, the …


41 thoughts on “Ukrainians Face Off Against Russians in Haunting Trench Battle POV: The Trench from Hell”
  1. He dropped 2 at minimum right after he shot the first guy who was seen u can hear a russian say : go go go, then u see some guy moving in the distance he shoots accuratly near that spot and u can hear a guy starting to scream by the sound and panic i think it was a mid stomach to upper chest shot he was screaming pretty horifically

  2. Russians probably thought there were 20 Ukrainians in that trench considering the vast amount of different calibers and weapons this Ukrainian troop was firing..his buddy kept a constant stream of ammo and weapons' at the ready even though he seemed to be out of his realm due to either inexperience or the shear terror of close combat..Kudos to him for staying on task and passing the ammo! SLAVA UKRAINE … both survived the encounter from the reports I've seen!

  3. Just after taking out the first RU on foot creeping up, two more can be seen advancing which he opens fire upon. Im pretty damm sure the first of the two got hit, and screamed as he went down. Afterwards the lobbing of grenades must surely have finished atleast the second of the three RU soldiers creeping up.
    AND he was firing RPG's at the armored infantry fighting vehicle.


  4. the soldier doing the fighting goes by call sign "Predator". he is a beast in uniform and in action, out of uniform, just an everyday ordinary young man. tons of respect for what he's doing.

  5. Describing what their doing helps others understand what’s going on. The soldier in the dug out is just as much a hero as the other guy. He’s in no way a coward but keeping him feed with ammunition. Perfect example as a working team under fire!

  6. There is more including a chunk on TVP World "military mind" where he's completely blown off by someone on a radio when he asks for covering fire to retreat. They basically hang up on him.

  7. I’ve seen this video on twitter and YouTube a couple times but never noticed the second Russian soldier he takes out at 2:18. Looks like he was taking ammo or something from the dead guy the Ukrainian shot at the beginning. And that was like 4 or 5 double taps he gives him. Great job. That’s an intense 4 minutes I can’t imagine doing this for hours. And then continuing after dark.

  8. Even two Ukrainian soldiers can stop 10 Russian soldiers if they have grenades and enough ammo to do it. Therefore, military assistance from Europe and America will be needed constantly. Russia is not going to pay attention to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of its soldiers, and even more so to Ukrainian soldiers.

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