• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

War in Ukraine: Russians intensify assault on Bakhmut • FRANCE 24 English

Russian forces carried out relentless attacks on Bakhmut on Wednesday (March 1), trying to encircle the eastern Ukrainian city.


34 thoughts on “War in Ukraine: Russians intensify assault on Bakhmut • FRANCE 24 English”
  1. USA are losing and will continue to escalate until they start sending planes and more people. Western countries do not care about their own people. Their country's money must be used to try and hurt russia on behalf of the usa. They hope if they can just keep the war going it might hurt russia or some other miracle wll happen. . If 10 million ukrainians have to die over the next 10 years to keep the war going then that is the price the usa and europe are willing to pay.

  2. Ukrainian soldiers are so very tired…Zelensky needs to pul pl out his soldiers..theres no way they can win Bakmut…people are dying! I feel so sorry for the soldiers and those people still in Bakmut..Ukranian soldiers are trying their best but they need to leave before they get killed..prayers for Ukraine!

  3. Zelensky gave his NAZI’s a marching orders
    Wagner's Putin on the blitz to near our borders
    Retreat Bakhmut on foot. With your faces full of soot
    For the Guinness Book observers and recorders.

  4. Bakhmut is located in Donetsk Province. The population voted democratically to secede from Ukraine, which has killed 13,500 Donetsk citizens since the 2014 coup, and joined Russia in order to save their lives.

    Bakhmut now belongs to Russia and it is the Western Ukrainians (Kiev) who are the invaders.

    If the Ukrainian government had not passed laws against the Russian language, spoken by 25% of its citizens, had not closed Russian language schools, had not closed Russian-language radio stations, had not closed Russian-language television sets, had not murdered several Russian-language journalists, and had not undertaken ethnic cleansing in order to "purify" Ukraine with the help of NAZI battalions, there would never have been a war.

  5. Lysychansk and Severodonetsk were also key strategic towns supposed to open the front and collapse Ukraine forces, then the same story ran about Soledar that was previously re-run from Izium, Kreminna, Kupyansk etc etc etc…yet Ukraine still stands, has liberated huge portions of its territory and ruzzia will need 12M men and 57 years to reach Kyiv at the speed they are going after the one year anniversary of a 3 days operation…confused much? The only fact is that Ukraine is kicking ruzzia's behind all over the map and that's with old soviet stock, now that the good stuff is coming we can look forward to more orcs being vaporised…Well done Ukraine !!

  6. After killing most of the Wagner forces, it seems that the Ukraine soldiers will lose the city any way. this is the problem of having journalist fight a war. they will only win in the press, but in reality, they are the ones getting kicked left right and center. 

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