• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

CRAZY Dual Perspective Trench Assault | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews

All footage unconfirmed – POV denoted by flag. CRAZY Dual Perspective Trench Assault | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper …


33 thoughts on “CRAZY Dual Perspective Trench Assault | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews”
  1. Love how they never show what's happening after the make some shots. The loong one's show something completely different.
    And iam talking about ukraine videos.

  2. to that guy shooting in the air… there are statistics about soldiers, that dont aim or shoot in the air. its people that dont want to kill or anticipate in fighting at all. i dont have the numbers, but it was actually quite high for what i remember. thats why sometimes there are thousands of rounds shot, but nobody got hurt. some people are not born to kill another human 🙂

  3. Europa wird zur Diktatur. Wir sind hier gefangen. Wir sind alle am Superrechner angeschlossen. Mit Funkwellen bekommen wir Stromschläge. Wir werden getötet und gefoltert. Deutschlandnist Ein Nazi terrorregime. Sie haben nur Flüchtlinge aufgenommen um diese foltern zu könne. Ich werde getötet bekomme wieder Strom Schläge. Mein gehirn geht kaputt. Sie foltern mich beim Schreiben weil ich Linsk und muslbin 5 Wochen dürfen wir im.urlaub im Ausland bekommen wir steomschläge bis wir als verrückt angesehen werden und rum schreien. Wir werden getötet. Meine familie ist gefoltert worden. Nazis haben Europa übernommen

  4. Lol this war might as well be called Tik Tok war wtf are this soldiers filming killing each other …seems there are some fcked up ppl. that need memoryes of the killings they made ….hope they all get to film theyr own death…;

  5. 7:00 LMG going without a stoppage ? Ha, we used to keep out M60's going with oil in tomato sauce squeeze bottles. Every 100 the feedplate, rails and bolt would get a good drink and they would go forever. You will know us by the trail of oil.

  6. It's all small unit stuff in and out of fixed defences. I've not seen anything bigger than a platoon with one or two AFV/tracks (maybe). Yeah there are only 5-10 minute video clips all over Youtube which will only show a small area, but even reading ISW etc there is nothing to show any more than 2-3 Battalion (equivalent) are engaged at any one time along the entire front.
    Guess what – thats going to change, a lot.

  7. Cheers Sean . Found a Good documentary if you don't mind subtitles " its about the first day of the invasion and how it all went down among the people its called СУМИ. Ми дали їм під дих (think iy says "Sumy : We gave them breath or (our breath): https://youtu.be/GYccPCFYtj0

  8. What is the point to firing a gun upwards out of a trench, they have to no it hit nothing. Is there a point to it? Is it to just make noise so the enemy knows someone’s there with a gun?

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